Children’s Charity Estimates As Many As 85,000 Yemeni Children May Have Died During War

Rebel Voice

The ongoing war in Yemen is a disgraceful attack upon a civilian population by a coalition of warmongers, led by the Saudi Arabian regime, and fed by weapons manufacturers from the US and UK.

Tens of thousands of innocent people are accepted as having died. But, recently, children’s charities have analysed the available data and reached the conclusion that the numbers of dead children is much, much higher than was previously estimated.

It is shocking when children perish during war, either by direct attacks or due to the effects of hunger and disease. There is no honour in killing children. Yet, the foreign armies under the control of Wahhabism continue to bomb and blast the life out of Yemen for no reason other than they wish to effect complete control of the entire region. And the international community remains largely ineffective in stopping this carnage.

The following report looks at…

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