Israelis Panicked by Hezbollah Missiles: Tel Aviv Settlers Won’t Drink Coffee during War

November 29, 2018

The Zionist ‘home’ (internal) front commander Tamir Yadai’s assertion that the Israeli settlers in Tel Aviv won’t drink coffee during any upcoming war with Hezbollah or Gaza triggered fear and confusion among the Israelis, especially the political and media circles.

The Israeli analysts stressed that Yadai statements highlight the real military danger of Hezbollah which possesses over 150 thousand missiles among which many will strike Tel Aviv, wondering about the real reasons behind the shortage of the anti-missile systems (Iron Dome).

The Zionist analysts also maintained that there the occupation entity is facing security challenge posed by the ongoing dilemma among the political and military circles who are confused about the propriety of shedding the light on Hezbollah threats, wondering whether this serves the Resistance’s interest.

The Zionist media reported that the Israeli army has completed the construction of an underground operations room fortified from missiles and provided with all the needed telecommunication systems, adding that it would be used during any upcoming war.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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