Sayyed Nasrallah and Hajj Hassan: The Eyelid of the Eye

Latifa Al-Husseini

God responded to Haj Hassan Lakkis prayers… He ended his life with martyrdom, completely as he wished.

He prepared very well to have a good end. Thus, it was the greatest jihadist experience ever… The son of Baalbek, granted a long part of his life to the resistance… He paved for its ingenuity. .. He believed in Hezbollah’s approach. He grew and developed in it. He was sincere to Hezbollah so that he shined and flew with his technical inventions, to add a qualitative progress in the battle of open confrontation with the enemy.

Between the hours of the day, he devoted a large space to the resistance, which was only competed by raising his children to embrace the path of Jihad and love of Palestine… Catching moments at his side, was like winning a grand prize… He chose to harness his life and its details for the case, for the sake of freedom and rejection to weakness in front of the enemy.

Thus, he turned to one of the resistance’s secrets, which were hard to be detected.

The fifties-martyr accompanied the launch of the resistance and Hezbollah’s establishment for more than thirty years… He was excited to follow the revolutionist Husseini path.

He greatly treasured Imam Khomeini and was influenced by the Islamic Revolution in Iran… In the eighties, he was introduced to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, when he was a Hezbollah official in the Bekaa region… They lined together the road of Jihad and faith…

Meanwhile, the critical political conditions of Lebanon in the eighties played a major role in the friendship between Haj Hassan and Sayyed Hassan… It was further solidified to reach the level of complete harmony in taking decisions during the “Israeli” occupation of the south…

With the succession of days, Haj Hassan remained a close companion to Sayyed Nasrallah. They constantly contacted and were never separated due to the geography of their occupation and work…

The martyr was keen on preserving the balance between his responsibilities and maintaining a distinctive relationship with His Eminence… Well-informed sources narrate of “bread and salt” between the two men, that goes back to the stage of receiving lessons from the Leader martyr Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi in Baalbek ..

Back then, Haj Hassan used to host Sayyed Nasrallah at his home in Bekaa, to the extent that the two share a picture of preparing food.

The close relationship between the families of the two leaders was described by a senior party official in the following brief words, “Haj Hassan and Sayyed were like the eyelid to the eye.”

The Martyr’s family tells how Hajj Hassan compensated his daughter, who had lost a copy of her wedding Quran signed by Sayyed Nasrallah due to the “Israeli” shelling to her house in al-Aseira- Baalbek during the July war.

He handed her a copy of the Holy Koran that was in possession of the martyr leader Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, and signed again by Sayyed Nasrallah.

To his friends in Baalbek, Haj Hassan showed no Jihadi exclusiveness.

However, once they dug in their memories, they recall stories with the leader. They mention a feeling that was present in their meetings with Lakkis: a pretty touching sense that the martyr was close to Hezbollah Secretary General.

They restore to the fact that Haj Hassan used to deliver their letters to Sayyed Nasrallah without mentioning any of the details… The aim was “to facilitate and serve the peoples’ needs.”

The critical position of Haj Hassan wasn’t revealed until his martyrdom, especially that the nature of his work and responsibility entrusted to him were completely unknown to his family…

After the leader’s assassination on 4 December last year, one of the Mujahideen informed his family that two months before his martyrdom, Hajj visited Iran, where he met Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei… Haj Hassan kissed Ayatollah Khamenei’s bread and begged him to ask al-Mighty God to honor him with martyrdom.

Meanwhile, His Eminence directly replied: “I pray that you gain a good consequence”.
The martyr’s personality was characterized by having a good heart, as well as being generous and ascetic.

In this context, the family elaborated: “Hajj was interested in his children, his small family, and uncles. He regularly visited them on holidays. When he used to arrive to his home in Baalbek, he contacted his children and gathered them immediately to the lunch or dinner table. Excuses were unacceptable.”

His brother law in law remembered: “On one occasion, he arrived coming from Beirut. Accompanied by guests, he invited us to lunch. We sat down and noticed that he did not eat, we asked him why. He replied that he was fasting.”

The relatives of the great martyr listed a lot of his faithful merits that painted Lakkis’s personality. His life model was Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [PBUH]. In parallel, he was deeply impressed by Imam Khamenei.

Moreover, Haj Hassan’s close friends recall the martyr’s actions in his last days: his strange look.

His brother in law tells of the last meeting with the martyr on the night of Tuesday December 1[two days ahead of his assassination]. Unprecedentedly, he waved his hand to his brother in law and then left…

In the last moments of his life, a concentrated talk on Syria and the battles there, in parallel to the issue of Imam Mahdi’s coming (PBUH) and its signs.

The Mujahedeen today misses the martyr leader Hassan Lakkis.

However, they are full aware that sacrifice is the basis of their resistance, which won’t be hindered by an assassination or loss of a dear…

The battle continues and Haj Hassan’s blesses will be uncovered with days and his power did not start yet.

Source: Al-Ahed news

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