Israel complains Hezbollah evades airstrikes in Syria by flying Russian flag – report

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:45 P.M.) – The Israeli defense officials allegedly complained to their Russian counterparts in Moscow this week that Hezbollah was flying the Russian Federation’s flag above their bases in order to evade airstrikes.

According to the Russian-based Kommersant publication, Hezbollah has been flying the Russian flag over their installations in the Homs and Idlib provinces, as well as the Syrian desert.

“Israel complained to Russia that its flags were spotted atop compounds and military convoys belonging to Iran and its allies in Syria,” Ynet News reported, sourcing the Kommersant article.

Ynet News said they reached out to the spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF); however, no response was given.

While these claims may be true, the installations referenced in the Idlib and Hama province have a large Russian military presence.

In particular, the Abu Dhuhour Airport in southeast Idlib is primarily used by the Russian military and Syria’s Tiger Forces.

The Hama Airport and other installations in the province also have a large Russian presence, especially near the Tartous Governorate’s border.

Since the accidental downing of the Russian IL-20 reconnaissance airplane, Israel has refrained from launching any airstrikes deep inside of Syria’s territory.

The reason for Israel’s hesitation has a few theories, which include the delivery of the Russian S-300 to Syria and the strained ties between Tel Aviv and Moscow.

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