The Blockheads are outraged at the ruling by Islington Council

December 19, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

The Blockheads were approached yesterday by the Jewish News newspaper in regard to the recent outrageous Islington Council’s decision to ban me from playing with the band this Friday because one right wing pro Israeli campaigner threatened that he may give his ticket away if I am on stage.

Following is Mick Gallagher’s statement for and on behalf of THE BLOCKHEADS:

“The Blockheads have performed over 1000 shows with Gilad and have NEVER been a threat to anyone.......WE ARE ENTERTAINERS!”

“The Blockheads have performed over 1000 shows with Gilad and have NEVER been a threat to

The Blockheads are outraged at the ruling by Islington Council to ban
Gilad Atzmon from appearing with the band on 21st December at Islington
Assembly Hall.

We were contacted by our agent last Tuesday who told us that Islington
Council would cancel the show if we insisted on Gilad playing with the

This, apparently, was in response to a complaint they had received from
someone posing as an ‘Avid Blockhead fan’ who objected to Gilad’s
presence on stage with us because of his political views and rhetoric.
Branding him an anti Semite!

Gilad has never been accused or charged of ‘hate crime’ by any formal

The musicians Gilad plays with are all multi cultural (including Jewish
musicians) and he is highly rated and an integral member of THE


They said we would be in violation of 2 clauses (50 & 51) in their
agreement for the renting of the hall.

Clause 50
You must not ,in connection with any live event use, provide or display
any material whether written or spoken, or allow behaviour that
constitutes direct or indirect discrimination or harassment,
victimisation of, vilification of, any person or group of persons on the
grounds of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability,
religion or age.

Clause 51
With this in mind, you must exercise your reasoned opinion in deciding
whether the venue is suitable for each Live Event. If the Islington
Assembly Hall Team decides a Live Event contravenes any of the above the
Live Event will be cancelled and you will not be reimbursed or
compensated for any inconvenience and/or any detriment arising from the

The Blockheads have performed over 1000 shows with Gilad (two at
Islington Assembly Halls already) and have NEVER been a threat to
We do not hold political rallies.

As an author Gilad has criticised Israeli policy, ideology and identity
but does not use Blockhead gigs as a platform for his views.

Everyone may not agree with Gilad but , in this country, he is supposed
to have the right to air his opinions freely and encourage open
discussion on matters that are important to him.

We feel that Islington Council are enabling the victimisation/harassment
and discrimination of Gilad by this ILLEGAL ruling and are indeed in
breach of their own Clause 50.

Mick Gallagher
for and on behalf of THE BLOCKHEADS

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