Moscow Warns US ‘Hotheads’ Against Military Intervention in Venezuela

PUTIN DEFENDS VENEZUELA: Moscow Warns US ‘Hotheads’ Against Military Intervention in Venezuela

MOSCOW, Russia – Moscow warns “several hotheads” in Washington of resorting to military force in Venezuela, said the 9th Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“I view the attempts by the US to consolidate the anti-Chavez front [against Venezuela] from Latin American states with anxiety and concern, this is an alarming trend,” Ryabkov stressed.

According to the Russian diplomat, even Latin American governments with a very critical position on Caracas exclude the possibility of military intervention in Venezuelan affairs.

“Despite the harsh standoff, even the governments in Latin America, which have taken the most critical stance against Caracas, are excluding the option of military intervention into Venezuela’s affairs. An attempt to use military force would be a catastrophic development.”

“We warn ‘hotheads’ in Washington against such temptations,” Ryabkov emphasized.

The senior diplomat has branded the widening of Washington’s sanctions against Venezuela as a path towards destabilization.

“We are confident that the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan people will weather this test with integrity. This is not the first time, the country has been living with and functioning under these sanctions,” he noted. “The resilience of Venezuelans and the country’s leadership is beyond any doubt.”

“Like in many other situations with the use of unilateral US sanctions, in this particular case Washington will see for itself that they are completely useless,” Ryabkov vowed.

At the beginning of August last year, an attempted attack on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro took place during the military parade in Caracas with the use of drones loaded with explosives. Maduro left unharmed, but 7 soldiers were injured. Maduro accused the attack on the opposition and former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, adding that he was aware of the preparation of a conspiracy against him with US support.

According to Maduro, near the border with Venezuela, a group of 730 mercenaries are being prepared who can start military provocations at any moment with the objective of neutralizing a series of military bases in Venezuelan territory. In addition, the Colombian authorities allegedly granted an airbase in their territory to participants in the plan.


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