As ‘Israel’ Attacks, Teargases Palestinians during the 47th Great Return March, Palestinians Open Al-Aqsa Gate Sealed since 2003

‘Israel’ Attacks, Teargases Palestinians during the 47th Great Return March

By Staff, Agencies

Dozens of Palestinians were martyred or suffocated as peaceful demonstrators were participating in the 47th Great Return March on Friday.

According to a local source, tens of thousands of citizens gathered in the five Al-Awda Camps along the separation fence in the eastern part of Gaza Strip, in a peaceful march to affirm the right of return and the need to break the siege imposed on Gaza.

The source added that ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers gathered along the separation barrier, fired gas bombs and live bullets, which led to the injury of 7 citizens by live bullets, and dozens others suffocated.

Among the wounded, a paramedic was hit by a bullet in the foot east Gaza, the source confirmed.

By Staff

After more than 16 years of being sealed by the apartheid “Israeli” entity, Palestinian worshipers were able to break al-Rahma Gate [Gate of Mercy] in the eastern part of the Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque on Friday.

Palestinians raised the Palestinian flag as they called slogans in support of Occupied Al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Hundreds of Palestinians performed Friday prayers inside the al-Rahma Gate building and in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Earlier this week, “Israeli” occupation forces had previously assaulted Palestinian worshipers performing prayers at the gate in protest of the seal off.

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