Russian Media Reveals 5 US Targets for ‘Zircon’ Missiles in Case of Aggression

February 24, 2019

Zircon missile

Russian media presented a list of five US decision making centers that will become likely targets for Russia’s Zircon hypersonic missiles deployed on submarines if Washington decides to attack Moscow using its missile arsenal.

According to State TV channel Russia-1, the Pentagon will be one of the primary targets because it houses top military command centers, as well the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The next target could be Camp David — the US president’s retreat, located around 100 kilometers from Washington. The place is equipped with a bunker and communications center called Site R.

Another possible target for Russian Zircons, according to the TV channel is Fort Ritchie, Maryland, which served as a support facility for Site R. It’s unclear why the channel included the base in its list, since it was officially closed in 1998.

Another target for Zircons named by the Russia-1 channel is McClellan Air Force Base, California, which officially ceased operating in 1995.

The last target, named by the Russian media was Jim Creek Naval Radio Station responsible for maintaining communications with US submarines in a submerged state, using very low frequency radio transmissions.

During his annual address to the Federal Assembly Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russian submarines will be heavily equipped with 3M22 Zircon (NATO reporting name SS-N-33) hypersonic missiles that will be used to strike enemy decision making centers in the event of aggression against Russia

Rear Adm. Vsevolod Khmyrov said on 21 February that a Russian submarine is capable of firing 40 Zircons at once to successfully hit US-based Armed Forces’ control centers operating the missile systems deployed in Europe in the event Washington uses them to attack Russia.

Moscow insists, that anti-missile defense system Aegis Ashore presents a threat to Russia’s security and violates the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

Source: Sputnik

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