Tension in Al-Naqab Prison as Detainees Protest Installation of Disturbance Devices

By Staff

Occupied Palestine – Palestinian detainees in the al-Naqab desert prison are getting prepared to escalate their protests, in objection to the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime’s oppressive policies and the installation of disturbance devices around the prison.

In this respect, liberated detainee Abdul Nasser Farawneh, the Head of Studies Department at the Society of Detained and Liberated Palestinian Prisoners, said that “the situation in al-Naqab Prison is moving towards escalation because the prison’s administration will install disturbance devices around the prison’s sections,” adding that “detainees inside the prison are worried about the influence of those devices and believe that they will cause cancer for them.”

Farawneh told al-Ahed website that “in less than a week, two Palestinian detainees set themselves ablaze inside the al-Naqab desert prison in protest of installing the devices and against the Zionist prisons’ administration’s attempts to humiliate detainees.”

Farawneh further noted that some 160 Palestinian detainees inside the occupation’s prisons suffer from chronic diseases, around 30 of them are diagnosed with cancer.

He also urged all of Palestinians, the presidency, government, factions, institutions and crowds to stand in solidarity with them and rush to an urgent movement to stop that oppressive and humiliating measures committed by the prisons’ administrations against the detainees.

It is good to restate that there are around 5700 Palestinian detainees inside ‘Israeli’ prisons, including 49 female detainees, 230 children and 1500 detainees in the al-Naqab prison.

Earlier, the Palestinian Prisoner Club warned of escalation in the al-Naqab Prison as a result of the ‘Israeli’ administration’s treatment of detainees, adding that “there is a state of alert in the section of tents inside al-Naqab detention camp, and its administration started bringing ambulances and fire trucks in preparation to any confrontation that may break out inside the section.”

He also uncovered that the prison’s administration started installing disturbance devices around the section 4 days ago, in addition to escalating oppression, storming and naked inspection, creating tension between the detainees and the administration.

Farawneh warned of such practices, which hint to preparations to oppressing any confrontation that might take place inside the section, especially after the prisons’ administrations increased its oppressive measures against the detainees since the beginning of the year.

Earlier on January 21, more than a 100 detainees were injured in the Zionist Ofer Prison west of Ramallah as the so-called Prison Service Forces attacked them, using rubber bullets, gas, sound bombs, batons and dogs, during which three rooms were totally burnt.

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