The Hero of the Arab World

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 08:15

President Bashar  Al-Assad’s recent   historic visit to Iran and the talks held with Sayyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and President Hassan Rouhani, has indeed been a historic, landmark and  fruitful visit as a message of gratitude,  true friendship, solidarity, peace and amity.

President Assad was received by Sayyed Ali Khamenei as the victorious ‘ Leader of Arabs’, as outlined by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution; President Assad has been for years leading his country and people away from  dangers, poverty, and sinister terrorist plots and conspiracies. The last 8 years of the terrorist war launched against Syria, unfortunately backed by some  whom President Assad, Syrian Army, brothers and allies, were defending, has indeed made of his visit to Tehran, the capital of the Resistance against oppression, aggression and terrorism, a landmark visit by all accounts.

It has been a visit of gratitude to the brothers in arms who firmly supported Syrians in their war against terrorism, and defense of the entire globe. The wise worldwide do recognize that without such  a strategic unity in blood against Al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliates, the region would have been turned by now into  huge slaughterhouses!  President Assad visited the country which has been standing with his own people and their interests; Iran has been able with the wisdom of its leaders and people, to save the region from being totally and entirely exploited by warmongers and occupiers.


Syria’s war against terrorists, mainly exported to Syria from all around the globe, has achieved big strides on the way of all-out cleansing of every span of the Syrian soil from Arab and foreign backed and financed terrorists. The visit is but a definite stop on the way of the more of withstanding, steadfastness and hardships to face as to remain independent, steadfast and victorious. The war is still waged against those who adore freedom, sovereignty and independence.

Actually, President Assad, in light of his heroic and brave stances, and rejection to be subdued and kneel down to the colonialists and ewes with their greed, threats, or even carrots, is but the world number. 1 Leader when it comes to fighting oppression and terrorism on behalf of all as to save what he has been able to save.  One day, history would cite this President as the Man who stood tall and fought the most of terrorists and their backers and could save the most of the region, if not the world, from terrorists.

The visit, probably for the wise, is a message of peace. Neither the Syrians, nor the Iranians, have ever been aggressors. It is a visit of a definite everlasting stances of defense, not only against terrorists and their backers, but occupiers too. As underscored, governments of the region, if not the whole world, should refrain from being a satellite in the US orbit! US and Western interests are not in line with peoples’ interests.

Submission and yes-sir policies by those who lost their resources and souls to Lucifer are indeed catastrophic with dire consequences against the majority of humanity. It has been a message for the necessity as to formulate and adopt balanced and equilibrium policies on the basis of common respect for the sovereignty of states and non-interference in their domestic affairs.

Indeed, Syria and Iran are their each other’s strategic  depth and with a clear message of standing on vigil as to preserve the victories and achievements accomplished against terrorism and its backers. Syria’s victory against terrorism is but for all lovers of humanity, freedom, peace and fraternity.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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