Golan Heights and Zionist- American Delusions


Saturday, 16 March 2019 21:21

US Senator Lindsay Graham’s statements on the occupied Syrian Golan reaffirms that successive US administrations are implementing a pre-determined Israeli policy that guarantees, in the first instance, the interests of the Zionist entity at the expense of the security and interests of the peoples of the region to keep the region in a state of tension, and the danger of the outbreak of catastrophic wars that have serious implications for international peace and security.

The American policy towards Arab issues is characterized by arrogance, spite and double standards. Despite its acceptance of UN Security Council Resolution 497, which considers the decision of the Zionist entity to annex the Golan null and void, the US violates this international resolution and supports Israeli expansionist acts of aggression and abolish the acts of the international organizations in case of adopting any resolution condemning the actions of the occupation entity, which indicates Washington’s disregard for international resolutions and the policy of hostility pursued by Washington towards Arab issues and the statement of American Senator Graham is a clear-cut evident.

The region does not need additional factors of tension and aggression until American Senator Lindsey Graham comes to fuel the fire, in a situation where we can’t rule out the electoral dimension and the implications of the relationship based on Israel’s satisfaction at the expense of the rights of others and with unprecedented political impudence reflects the grim reality of American policymakers.

The fate of the Golan has never been linked to a US decision, nor to the whims of an extremist senator to impose what is not right and can’t be in any case. The difference here is not only in the legal and moral paradox, but also in the political context that would be incapable of changing the truth.

The dilemma does not stop at the limits of the political level, but it extends to include more serious dimensions in the context of a shaky political situation, that pushed the region over the past decade of a heavy price for the projects of domination and aggression and the cost was more than the capacity of the region to bear, and what is needed is to cover up the failure of the terrorist project.

The core issue is that the United States itself has agreed to international resolutions that recognize Syrian sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan and demand that Israel withdraw from it. The US has always opposed any proposal to change this reality.

This raises the question of the hidden reasons behind this attempt…!!

In the conclusion, the issue is related to the internal American accounts, as it is related to the Israeli electoral situation. Its main purpose is to extend Netanyahu’s reasons for staying in power after being plagued by scandals, corruption and bribery, and this may help him to overcome and break the bottleneck temporarily, while the facts tend to employ surplus American hegemony and impose its will on the peoples of the region.

The American absurdity in the region’s self-evident truths is playing with fire and sliding to the edge of the abyss, and in some of its manifestations a slide inside it, with all its unpredictable consequences, especially with the crystallization of a set of new ambitions that represent the most serious challenge in the region, under American insistence on universal ruin and chaos, out of the remnants of its projects and a little of its schemes.

The land of Syria is neither negotiable nor blackmail, and it can’t be bargained with. All that the US Congress does to satisfy the pressures of Zionist lobby.

The historical fact that the Golan is part of Syrian territory, and the existing occupation will be removed as before the occupation that preceded it, and as the US and the Turkish occupation and other for every spot in Syria. The Syrians will find the appropriate choice and means to regain every grain of dust.

Sharif Al-Khatib


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  1. One might hope that the Arab/Muslim World will stand firm, but its track record — across the spectrum, sadly — is not one that generates optimism vis-a-vis the Golan.

    For sh**hole beings like the Graham Cracker, the Revoltin’ Boltion and the Porcine Pompeo, “delusion” is not the correct word. They are *obsessed* with pushing their zioneocon agenda of full-spectrum dominance in the service of militant/political Zionism via the USraeli “entangling alliance.” They have learned well the Zionist tactics of warfare, wordfare, and lawfare, used singly or in combination, to move the bar of reality toward their objectives/obsessions…until, voila!, it’s fait accompli time (US Embassy to Jerusalem = just one case in point). It’s all endlessly depressing to the few who might, for example, expect that the Shia-Sunni divide be closed so as to enable use of the significant economic clout that could be wielded in energy/oil-natural gas matters. The Saudis, who then had some nerves and character, tried that tactic with significant success in 1973, but alas, the KSA has lost its way and wanders in the desert, in thrall to the Zionist beast and acquiescent to the wiles of the USA-cum-Jared Kushner….

    (These are in great part my near-bedtime ruminations in hope that some interactive discussion might ensue in augmentation of the Editor-in-Chief’s (overly?) confident report and concluding sentence….)

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