Tulsi Gabbard now and then

March 23, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard now:

Tulsi Gabbard then (2015):

People change.

Maybe she changed.

Maybe not.

I am deeply skeptical and simultaneously deeply sympathetic, but I reserve judgement.

The Saker

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  1. The associated Zionist horde is busily stroking, massaging, maneuvering, manipulating, corralling, using et al people like Tulsi. I pray that she has the moxie and intelligence to realize and overcome…like the Saker I hope but I fear…. At the top of “hope” is that she carefully, and deeply, listens to and relates to Ilhan, Rashida, AOC…the youth is there, the skepticism is there, the momentum seems to be gathering — I hope….

    (One snarky, amusing-to-me aside: I was in the military/Army from 1963 to 1967, and I never once — in Georgia boot camp or elsewhere — dug a foxhole or, for that matter, was issued what I think was called an “entrenching tool.”)

    (For some coincidental reason, just yesterday I came across and watched most of the 35:34 SFran Tulsi appearance. Impressive, but….)

    Damn it, Tulsi: Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

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