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On March 17, Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro, met with the US Peace Council delegation for over an hour, speaking on issues related to the recent power outage, how the Venezuelan people responded, and the US draconian policies against Venezuela.

I filmed around 10 minutes of our over hour long meeting. What President Maduro had to say about US policies against, and obsession with, Venezuela is accurate, and reminds me of their same grotesque policies and propaganda against Syria, Libya, Iraq, Cuba…

Western corporate media will never allow leaders of the nations the US is targeting to speak freely, because that might allow a Western audience to think for themselves, based on the leader’s words and not on corporate media’s propaganda.

President Maduro on the March 7 power outage:

“What they had in mind was on the fifth day to generate violence in the streets and assault the presidential palace.

And in the midst of the chaos, they would call upon US troops to enter the country to re-establish the peace.

The perfect plan.

However, they didn’t expect we would respond the way we did.

The first response was peace in the country and the consciousness of our people.

The Venezuelan People Do Not Want Violence or Foreign military intervention. The Venezuelan people are very proud of their national independence.”

On US Imperialism:

“This is all a result of the extremist political policies of the Trump administration. So far, they have undertaken a failed and extremist policies against Venezuela. We are not a threat to the US. We have the largest certified oil reserves on the earth. And we are currently certifying the largest gold reserve. We have the fourth largest gas reserve on earth. Soon, we’re going to certify the largest diamond reserve as well. On top of iron, aluminum, and water reserves.

We have our own native political project, whose source of inspiration is Bolivar. And I think that this is the most irritating factor for the extremists currently ruling in the White House. Because they are used to giving orders and being obeyed. We refuse to obey, we will never obey.”

“This is not about Maduro. This is about a country, a project—an historic project. Whether Maduro is sitting here or not, the project will go on. It is not about Maduro, it is about the people.”

As one the US Peace Council delegation co-leaders, Ajamu Baraka, wrote:

“For the collaborating Western imperialist left, I guess I will now be a “Maduroist” for meeting with him last week at the presidential palace. But understand, it is only among the infantilized consciousness of Westerners that politics gets reduced to personalities. The people of Venezuela are clear that they are defending a process that goes beyond any individual.”

As another delegate, Kevin Zeese, eloquently wrote:

“He explained how the cyber attack on the electric grid came from Houston and Chicago, joked about some obnoxious quotes from John Bolton and Elliot Abrams and told of his love for the US. He was relaxed and confident despite the US pressure. Venezuela will not be defeated by the US. It is a proud, independent and very democratic country.”

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