Sayyed Nasrallah Warns US of Resistance Axis’ Response : Blacklisting IRGC Epitome of Insolence, Foolishness


Zeinab Essa

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Thursday a speech in which he tackled various internal and regional files, particularly recent US move of blacklisting the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps [IRGC].

Addressing tens of thousands of Hezbollah commemorating the Wounded Fighter Day, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed the importance of this day and that of IRGC celebrated Tuesday.

“We learned from the Abbas [PBUH] how to stand firm, courageous and dignified without hesitation, fear or anxiety despite being alone,” His Eminence said.

He further addressed the wounded resistance men by saying: You must be proud that your current leader, Imam Khamenei, belongs to you and proud to be a wounded leader.”

In parallel, His  Eminence highlighted that “today in Palestine, thousands of Palestinians go into an open hunger strike due to the inhumane actions by the “Israeli” prison service.”

In response to the US administration’s hegemony in the region, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a sounding message: “The enemy doesn’t dare to attack us not because of your red lines but because of our red blood and wounds.”

“The American administration is terrorist ,” he said, noting that “The American terrorists do not have the right to come to Lebanon and show that they are the ones who are giving us stability.”

According to His Eminence, “The achievements that have been made in Lebanon are not from the blessings of America. We were killed, wounded and massacred in our villages and cities through “Israel’s” aggression and the US support, weapons and cover. Our peace, security and achievements were made by our people, martyrs and wounded.”

“America is a state of terror, an administration of terror that has a terrorist culture. We stand in face of the American terrorism that committed Hiroshima and Nakazagi massacre,” he added.

Affirming that “the American move of classifying the IRGC as terrorist  is a precedent that is the epitome of rudeness, insolence and foolishness,” Sayyed Nasrallah denounced the fact that the US continues to create terrorist groups and to designate as terrorist all those who defend their nations, holy sites, dignities, honor, land, security, stability, future and dreams.

“It is the first time that Washington has designated an entity of another government as a terrorist organization.”

“We stand by the Revolutionary Guard and denounce and the American decision of blacklisting it,” he said, reiterating that America is humiliating an entire nation of billion and a half Muslim for “Israel’s” sake.

On the same issue, the Resistance Leader declared that “US impudence and folly went beyond limits when it branded Iran’s IRGC as a terrorist organization.”

Praising the fact that “the IRGC has offered great sacrifices to face the US and “Israeli” hegemony in the region,” Sayyed Nasrallah expressed Hezbollah’s support for our IRGC friends.

“The IRGC defended the peoples of the region and offered a large number of martyrs and wounded in defense of the nation,” he added, noting that “Trump’s move towards the IRGC is normal by the Great Satan.”

Undermining Trump’s move as a reaction to his defeat and disappointment, Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that “when the US puts the IRGC on its list of terrorism, this proves that it is strong and not weak.”

“America’s designation of the Revolutionary Guards as terrorist is an indication of our strength, not our weakness, and had we not been influential in the regional equation, they would not have put us on the terror list. If we were weak and incapable of confronting their schemes, they would not have blacklisted us,” His Eminence moved on to say.

He also described the IRGC as a great jihadi institution. “It is normal for it to be aggrieved.”

Moreover, His Eminence highlighted that “our people, some resistance movements and political forces stood in the face of the US scheme and defeated it.”

Commenting on the US move, Sayyed Nasrallah made a clear response: “Until now we as a resistance axis are facing their blacklisting and sanctions with condemnation and managing the situation.”

“The US measures against us will not remain without a response and we will respond at the right time,” he stressed, warning that “our patience does not mean that we do not have strong and fundamental cards in the axis of resistance, but so far we have not reacted.”

In addition, he wondered: “Who says that the Americans’ measures, steps and actions will remain without a response?” announcing that he is speaking on behalf of the entire resistance axis and not only Hezbollah.

“Until now, we are dealing with what the American is doing as reaction to its failures, but this is not a fixed and permanent policy,” The Resistance Leader mentioned, adding once again that “if the American dares to perform some actions and steps, this wouldn’t pass without response by the axis of resistance.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also stated that “When any Resistance faction feels that there is a danger that threatens us, it has the right to respond. Who said that we will settle for condemnation? It is our natural right and ethical, religious and humanitarian duty to confront all those who might threaten our country, resistance and achievements through their measures.”

“Our options are open and when the action needs an appropriate reaction, this response will certainly be present,” he clarified, mentioning that “The field is not empty. This is our past, history, present, reality, resistance and sacrifices.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further unveiled that “choices are open but we will act calmly, with a cool head and at the right time, in all battlefields and arenas.”

Expressing sympathy with the brotherly Iranian people suffering from the floods, he slammed
“Trump, who talks about humanity, and at the same time bans the aid to reach Iranians.”

As His Eminence reiterated Hezbollah’s condemnation for the brutal Saudi aggression on Yemen, Sayyed Nasrallah slammed the fact that “four years have passed since the war on Yemen and no one sees it and there are armies fighting an unarmed and oppressed people.”

“The aggression on Yemen is an American-British-“Israeli” one,” he emphasized, pointing that both “US and Saudi Arabia are doing their utmost in a bid to sow the seeds of discord and division among Muslim nations in the Middle East.”

Confirming that Saudi Crown Prince “Mohammed bin Salman [MBS] has not made any historic victory and we know what the governments of the Gulf countries are suffering because of Saudi Arabia’s hegemony,” Hezbollah Secretary General underscored that “The aggrieved in Yemen are defending themselves so that the governments and peoples of the Gulf countries can have some freedom and dignity in face of a new conqueror.”

“Had MBS won the war, what would have been the fate of the Gulf countries in the face of the Saudi hegemony and arrogance? Had MBS won in the war, he would have forced the Palestinians to sign the deal of the century,”” he asked.

Accusing MBS of helping Washington to liquidate the Palestinian cause so in sake of “Israel”, Sayyed Nasrallah cautioned that “the first to pay the price of MBS’ victory in Yemen if that happened was the Palestinian cause.”

“The steadfastness of the Yemeni people protects the Palestinian cause,” he said, noting that “Trump is insisting on the continuation of the aggression against Yemen.”

On another level, His Eminence condoled the people of the nation on the martyrdom anniversary of Sayyed Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr.

Moving to the internal Lebanese arena, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed “the importance of the current spirit of cooperation among the political forces in addressing the current junctures.”

“We must stress the importance of this spirit regardless of any tensions here or there,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah commented on the “Israeli” elections, saying that “Hezbollah didn’t interfere in the elections. They are the same. Netanyahu will likely form a new right-wing Zionist government.”

He unveiled that “We are before a new stage of unprecedented cooperation between America and “Israel” represented in Netanyahu and Trump. We are before a major juncture related to our territorial border that is linked to our nation and region.”

Undermining the talk of US intent to blacklist Hezbollah allies, His Eminence assured that “There is not a single indication about an intention to blacklist House Speaker Nabih Berri or any other Hezbollah ally.” However, he sensed that there are Lebanese in Washington who are working in this direction. “So far, this remains an intimidation campaign. When the matter reaches our allies, this means that they are targeting all our people.”

“Such move is mere intimidation.”

Urging all sides to remain calm, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “In face of the new developments and after [US Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo’s visit to Lebanon, we believe that this US policy will continue, although his visit did not yield any results.”

His Eminence recalled that Pompeo said hours ago that his country “will not remain silent over Hezbollah’s rise in Lebanon and he is seeking to scare and incite the Lebanese.”

Addressing the Lebanese people, Hezbollah Secretary General urged them when they “hear Trump or any “Israeli” official to recall and remember the cities, villages and towns that have been destroyed by the US and “Israeli” interference, that have been devastated by US conspiracies and some Gulf money. Remember the millions of refugees, displaced and afflicted.”

“The interest of the Lebanese lies in cooperation and communication and remaining alert over the US incitement which has destroyed the region around us,” he highlighted.

As His Eminence thanked the resistance’s community for their support, he unveiled that a resistance supporter contacted him saying that he, his wife and son would each sell a kidney and give the cash to the Resistance if its financial situation deteriorated to the extent where that was required.

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