Syria: Organizers of So-called “Syrian Clans Conference” Don’t Represent Any of Syrian National Components

Friday, 03 May 2019 23:08

DAMASCUS, (ST) – The so-called “Syrian Clans Conference” held on Friday in Syria’s Ein Issa city, which is controlled by US-affiliated militias, was a meeting of treason and subordination and its organizers don’t represent any of the Syrian national components, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement to SANA.

The source added that the conference failed because most original Syrian clans had boycotted it forcing its organizers to change its name from “conference” to “forum” that shows the treason and subordination of its organizers regardless of their political, ethnic or racial affiliation.

Such forums stress that their organizers are running after illusions that have historically been proven to be unachievable, especially during the final years of the terrorist war on Syria and despite the huge foreign support the organizers receive, according to the source.

These militia organizations will realize that accepting the dictates of the true organizers of such farces, be they the Americans or others, will bring them only shame and disgrace, the source said.

The Syrian Arab Republic looks at this forums with contempt as they disregard the homeland’s interest, present and future and it calls on the Western states that support or participate in such forums to commit themselves to the Security Council resolutions which all affirm Syria’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence. Syria also calls on all honest Syrians, particularly in the northern and eastern regions of Syria to strongly confront such treacherous attempts and all who support and encourage them.

Hamda Mustafa

Syrian National Clans React to Ein Issa Forum, Reject any Schemes Threatening Syria’s Unity

Friday, 03 May 2019 23:50

Aleppo, (ST)-The clans of Aleppo province and countryside affirmed their full rejection to any forums the goals of which come in line with the American schemes which aims to divide Syria and create artificial entities that threaten Syria’s territorial integrity.

In a statement on Friday, the clans of Aleppo province and countryside condemned the illegal presence of the American and Turkish forces and their affiliated mercenaries and terrorist groups operating in Syria.

They stressed that “all who attend the so-called Ein Issa Forum held by the US-occupation forces, are traitors and they don’t represent anybody but themselves”, reiterating their rejection to any foreign interference in Syria’s affairs.

“All who attended the forum are traitors and are a part in the dirty game. We are against any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs so as to keep Syria free and dignified,” the clans concluded.

Arab Clans Forum in Hasaka reject separation and division schemes

Meantime, the Arab Clans Forum in Jurmuz of the Syrian province of Haska, affirmed their full support for the Syrian Arab army in its war on terrorism and they expressed they rejection to suspicious schemes targeting Syria’s unity.

“We categorically reject separation and division schemes promoted by the US occupation’s agents,” said a statement by participants in the Arab Clans Forum, reiterating their full support for the Syrian army in defense of the homeland against terrorists and division plots.

The statement concluded by stressing that “all who took part in any forum under any flag other than the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic are traitors and agents.”

Hamda Mustafa

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