Tulsi Gabbard on the US seeking a pretext to go to war with Iran

May 21, 2019



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  1. A perfect message by Tulsi. Were her words actually uttered on May 21st? More like them are needed! (She seems to have a good video-producing team — short, succinct, on point, essential message, good graphics!)

    (If only I could persuade Tulsi to take a sane, humane position toward the plight of the Palestinians…so far, no luck despite several donations by me to her campaign and queries to her via her website…she has had some dalliance with ZioSheldon Adelson and some other disturbing acts for a number of years. She needs to update, change asf necessary, and separate herself resolutely from the Biden-Ziopack if she is to catch fire [despite the MSM’s determination to marginalize and ignore her…].

    • roberthstiver,

      Hello. Tulsi Gabbard’s stance on 9/11 – lining up with the official 9/11 Commission Report (whitewash/cover-up) – is very troubling as well, especially when considering anyone with (2) brain cells to rub together knows 9/11 was the greatest false flag in history.

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