Syrian Army fires artillery at rebel positions in As-Suwayda province (Source: Syrian Arab Army).

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army began their offensive last night when their troops stormed the western axis of Zakat from their positions at nearby Tal Malah and Jibeen in northwestern Hama.

Following a fierce battle, the Syrian Arab Army was able to take control of the farms located southwest of Zakat.

Last night’s advance by the Syrian Arab Army marked the first time since June that they have captured any ground that wasn’t previously under the control in northwestern Hama.

As a result of this advance, the Syrian Arab Army is now within three kilometers away from the Jaysh Al-Izza stronghold of Kafr Zita and approximately four kilometers away from Al-Latamnah.

The Syrian Arab Army also now has positions along two roadways leading Kafr Zita, including the Hamamiyat-Kafr Zita Road.