Cowardly Israeli Aggression on Syrian Territories Aims to Prolong Terrorist War on Syria: Foreign Ministry


Monday, 01 July 2019 20:00

DAMASCUS, (ST)– The cowardly Israeli aggression which targeted the Syrian territories last night is part of the Israeli continuous attempts to prolong the crisis in Syria and the terrorist war on the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affair and Expatriates has stressed.

In a letter to the UN Chief and President of the Security Council on Monday, the ministry said that the Israeli occupation forces after midnight attacked the Syrian territories by firing missiles from the Lebanese airspace against targets in Damascus, Damascus Countryside and Homs. The aggression led to the martyrdom of four civilians including a child and the wounding of 21 persons most of them are women and children and caused damage to people’s houses and properties, the ministry added.

The Israeli occupation has escalated its state terrorism to support the terrorist groups and raise their morale and to prevent the Syrian Arab Army and its allies from defeating Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations and their affiliated terrorist groups, which are Israel’s partner in terrorism, the ministry went on to say.

“All these Israeli attacks haven’t frightened the Syrian people, rather they enhanced their determination to achieve victory and restore the occupied Syrian Golan to the June 4th 1967 line,” it made it clear.

Syria affirms that Israel’s dangerous aggressive policy could not have been continued without the limitless support provided to Israel mainly by the US administration, without the immunity given by the US and other well-known countries member in the Security Council to this occupation entity and without the silence imposed by these countries on the Security Council to prevent it from playing its basic role in confronting such criminal attacks, the ministry said.

The ministry renewed its call on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities, within the framework of the UN Charter, to preserve international peace and security and adopt immediate decisive and deterrent procedures as to prevent such attacks. It also called on the Security Council to force Israel to respect international resolutions relating to the disengagement of forces agreement and to hold the Israeli enemy accountable for the crimes and terrorist acts being committed against the Syrian and Palestinian people and for its non-stopped support for  the terrorist groups in Syria.

Hamda Mustafa

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