Iran Summons UK Envoy over ‘Illegal Seizure’ of Supertanker in Gibraltar

July 4, 2019


Iranian Foreign Ministry on Thu. summoned the UK ambassador to Tehran Rob Macaire for the seizure of an “Iranian oil tanker” in Gibraltar.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi wrote in a tweet on Thursday, “Following the illegal seizure of an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar by British Royal Marines, the UK envoy to Tehran has been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

The spokesman said the details of the matter will be announced later.

The British overseas territory Gibraltar seized a supertanker on Thursday, claiming that the move was done on suspicion of carrying crude oil to Syria in violation of European Union (EU) sanctions against the Arab country.

In a statement released on Thursday, Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said the territory’s police and customs agencies, aided by a detachment of British Royal Marines, had seized the Grace 1 vessel.

Gibraltar, he added, had reasonable grounds to believe that the tanker was carrying its crude oil shipment to the Banyas refinery in Syria, which is the property of an entity that is subject to European Union sanctions against Syria.”

Later in the day, acting Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said Gibraltar detained the supertanker Grace 1 after a request by the United States to Britain.

He added that Spain was looking into the seizure of the ship and how it may affect Spanish sovereignty as it appears to have happened in Spanish waters.

Spain does not recognize the waters around Gibraltar as British.

Britain’s Foreign Office did not respond to a request for comment.

Source: Mehr News Agency

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  1. Well, I simply don’t understand all the implications of this news; I’ve spun through two of the four “Related News” links and read numerous of the comments. Those condemning Bast*rd Bolton have my attention and concurrence. Now, it seems to me, Iran needs to stand up and take on the US, UK, and the Ziomonster. Will it (Iran) follow up its “summons of the UK envoy” with resolute action, or will it fold its tent, tucking its tail between its legs and allowing the imperial hegemons to have their always-arrogant way once again? I’ll stay tuned, via UP and other good news resources….

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