Friday, Armed Forces Spokesman Press Conference will Reveal Details on Aden, Dammam’s Operations


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The spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier Yehia Saree, said, Thursday evening, that “at a news conference on Friday the latest developments on the battlefield with important details about the operations of Aden and Dammam will be revealed.”

Brigadier saree pointed out that the details of the new missile, which was launched today, that targeted Dammam will be revealed tomorrow.

“Important scenes of other missile strikes and statistics of military units for the month of July will also be reviewed during the press conference on Friday,” he added.

For First Time, Long-range Ballistic Missile Hits Military Target in Dammam, Far Eastern Saudi Arabia



News – Yemen

The Rocketry Force of the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees struck, Thursday, for the first time a military target in the far eastern region of Saudi Arabia with a long-range ballistic missile.

“With the help of God, the Rocketry Force, this morning, launched a long-range ballistic missile aimed at an important military target in the Saudi depth in Dammam in a new and practical test of Yemeni missile power,” Brigadier Yahya Sare’e said in a statement.

Sare’e stressed that this targeting comes in response to the crimes and siege of the US-Saudi aggression and its persistence in the aggression and the shedding of Yemeni blood.

Brig. Sare’e renewed his call to all citizens and foreign companies to stay away from military and vital targets “as they have become legitimate targets for us and will be targeted as long as aggression and siege continue.”

The Armed Forces spokesman noted that details of the operation and specifications of the new missile will be revealed in the coming news conference.

Dammam is the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It is a major administrative center for the Saudi oil industry. Saudi oil giant Aramco based in Dammam as a major oil export hub.

On May 14,  the Yemeni Army and Committees launched drone raids on a major oil pipeline deep inside the Saudi kingdom in retaliation for the regime’s war crimes against Yemen, forcing state crude giant Aramco to temporarily stop pumping oil on the pipeline. Yemeni forces almost daily target the airports of aggression in southern Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni army and the Popular Committees have warned more than once that Yemeni missiles and drones are capable of penetrating US missile defense systems, Patriot.

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