The Pakistan-India info-war and the Israeli X Factor

Agha Hussain

Posted originally to Regional Rapport on 12 July 2019.

Regardless of how weak India’s media propaganda might be, Pakistan still has much to do in gaining the upper hand against it. The vast difference in the size of online presence of the two countries’ populations factors in here as much as Pakistan’s lethargic, overly-domestic-oriented media which deals poorly in broadcasting Pakistan’s responses to India’s aggressive infowars in real time.

Given India’s extremely close ties with and socio-religious affinity for Israel (a factor the Jewish state values immensely), however, it may soon have an ace up its sleeve in the infowar component of its tussles with Pakistan that the latter may well not anticipate.

Israel’s uncanny censorship capabilities in cyberspace may well help not only patch up the many rather comical chinks in India’s infowar armour (or at least conceal them to an extent) but can help drown out Pakistan’s meagre…

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