Ezzidine to Al-Ahed: I Will Serve Hezbollah March that Was Baptized With Blood, Sacrifice

Fatima Salameh

Hezbollah MPs and ministers should be attested for their relentless endeavor to serve their people and society. Both their friends and foes know this fact. Those closely following the magnitude of the files that Hezbollah is responsible for and the degree of effort they are exerting understand the true meaning of the concept of “Hezbollah Secretary General’s trust”. This confidence means a lot to anyone who is chosen by the Hezbollah leadership to represent the party no matter what their responsibilities may entail.

Hezbollah’s candidate for the by-elections in the Tyre constituency, Sheikh Hassan Ezzedine, underscored this point.

Sheikh Ezzedine extended his gratitude to the leadership that placed such a degree of confidence in him.

“It will be a great responsibility for me, I hope I am worthy of it,” the candidate says.

In a statement to al-Ahed News, Ezzedine vowed to “strive to serve the path of the resistance and martyrs. I will also be a servant of this march, which was baptized with blood and the sacrifices of the wounded, the captives and their families.”

Moreover, he promised to stay on their path and approach. “This path that gave so much in the way of sacrifices is imperative when it comes to serving the people that can only be described as “the whole good” as the Messenger of Allah [PBUH] said”.

Ezzedine only hopes that he can live up to their expectations, carry their agonies and hopes and live their pains.

He also promised to be a resounding voice in the defense of these people and their demands as well as to be the cure that alleviates the pain of those who sacrificed in this march and were an essential part of its progress.

Hezbollah’s candidate stressed that he will be a deputy for all of Lebanon. He will be among the people of Tyre. He promised to live with their joys and sorrows, embrace their issues and be vocal when it comes to demanding what they aspire to and want to be.

“What I can do, I will do to the fullest. And what I cannot do, I will continue to fight for,” Ezzedine added. “Especially for our people in the resilient South and the Tyre District.”

“I will be the voice that responsibly carries the trust to serve these people,” he concluded.

Ezzeddine in brief

– He was born in Maaroub – Tyre District in 1953.

– His name was tabled as a candidate in the 1992 election – the first polls that Hezbollah participated in.

He held several positions within the party, including:

– Hezbollah central media official after the 2000 liberation.

– Head of the Arab Relations Unit to date.

– Today he is Hezbollah’s candidate for the Tyre seat in the September 15, 2019 by-elections.

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