Zionist Entity, Gulf Arab States Negotiating ‘Non-Aggression-Pact’: Report

Israeli Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz


October 6, 2019

The Zionist entity is reportedly negotiating with several Gulf Arab states on a “non-aggression pact” between them, Israeli media reported.

The deal, which Israeli Channel 12 news described as potentially “historic,” aims to put an end to the state of conflict between the Gulf states and the Israeli regime, and reportedly provides for “friendly relations, cooperation in a variety of fields, and no war or incitement against each other,” Times of Israel reported.

Advancing the Israeli initiative, Foreign Minister Israel Katz met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly last month with several foreign ministers from Arab Gulf states, Channel 12 news reported Saturday night.

Katz himself on September 23 tweeted that he had held talks with an unnamed counterpart from an Arab country with which Tel Aviv does not have formal relations, and said they discussed “ways to deal with the Iranian threat” and a process for boosting “civilian cooperation.”

Katz, who is leading the effort with the backing of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, agreed with his Gulf Arab interlocutors during “a series of meetings” in New York to set up working teams to take the non-aggression pact forward, the TV report said.

Katz presented his Gulf counterparts with a draft text of the intended pact, which was drawn up by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the TV report added.

It reportedly highlights the opportunity to advance common interests in the context of the threat posed by Iran, and is drafted in accordance with principles of international law, according to the report.

Katz is also reported to have discussed the intended pact with the Trump administration’s outgoing special envoy for the peace process, Jason Greenblatt.

Source: Israeli media

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  1. Who’s the behind-the-scenes lead negotiator? Kushner?

    The Arab World, from its corrupt top echelons to the “least of it–the untermenschen on the streets,” has my utter contempt for cowardice, unsophistication, greed, and consorting, prostitute-style, with the Palestinians’ ultimate enemy. No wonder that that enemy’s prime talking nexus is “ways to deal with the Iranian threat”….

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