Russian and foreign media figures: Turks and Americans commit crimes in Syria

27 October 2019


On October 27, a number of Russian and foreign media figures condemned the Turkish regime and US forces’aggression crimes and plunder of Syrian wealth.

Russian writer Alexander Ponomariov said that the Americans had given the green light by withdrawing their troops to open the way to Turkish aggression on Syrian territory.

“The Turks and the Americans want to achieve their objectives and seize of Syria’s oil and other wealth,” Ponomariov said in an interview with the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) correspondent in Moscow.

In a similar interview, Russian writer Yelena Ossachova said Syria’s enemies were using weapons and invasions to make huge money from war.

In a similar interview, Cuban journalist Heinel Lobos said that the American aggression is the same all over the world and that the Americans are allies of all aggressors.

Lobos expressed his solidarity with the Syrian people and his confidence that Syria will prevail over all its enemies and international terrorism.

O. al-Mohammad



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