BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:00 P.M.) – The Russian military’s warnings have allegedly prevented the Israeli forces from launching attacks inside Syria, the Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro reported on Tuesday.

“Until recently, Israel actively bombed Syria, but now, even after a series of high-profile statements by Tel Aviv about the readiness of the Iranian military forces to launch dozens of cruise missiles from Syria into Israel, the Israeli military has not taken any measures against Syria. It is logical to assume that the warnings of Russia did work, and Israel does not really want to check the effectiveness of their air defense systems that can shoot down fighters within a radius of 400 kilometers,” a military expert told Avia.Pro.

“It should be clarified that no official comments were made on the conversation between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu; however, it is clear that a tough dialogue still made Israel think about the consequences.

In early September, several reports began to surface about Russian Su-35 jets blocking Israeli warplanes from bombing Syria.

While none of these reports were confirmed, it was spread by several publications, including the Arabia.

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