Breaking: Bombing Targets Residential Building in Damascus – Casualties Reported


bombing in Damascus Mazzeh November 12 -2019

A bombing has targeted a residential building in the Syrian capital Damascus caused the killing of two civilians and injuring six more, based on initial reports.

Initial reports also state that a top leader of a Palestinian faction was assassinated in the bombing that is believed to be by Israel.

The building targeted with the bombing is in the upscale residential neighborhood of Al Mazzeh West in Damascus, and not far from the Lebanese embassy.

Syrian Minister of Interior stated that ‘an enemy bombing targeted a building in Al-Mazzeh West in Damascus, there are a number of casualties martyred and injured, and the authorities launched an investigation.’

bombing in Damascus Mazzeh November 12 -2019
Bombing in Damascus Mazzeh November 12 -2019

bombing in Damascus Mazzeh November 12 -2019

bombing in Damascus Mazzeh November 12, 2019

Explosion in Damascus Al Mazzeh West near Lebanese Embassy

Explosion in Damascus Al Mazzeh West near Lebanese Embassy

We’re awaiting further information, usually, terrorists loyal to the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and IDF terrorist organizations, especially the latter’s Mossad branch for foreign crimes carry out such bombings in residential neighborhoods. Wahhabi terrorists have carried out similar attacks during the past 8.5 years of the Syrian crisis which mainly targets civilians punishing the Syrian people for resisting the US hegemony against their country.

The number of terrorist attacks is expected to rise after the NATO terrorists are defeated and cornered. Their enablers use such attacks as messages to the Syrian state to serve as warnings and to disperse Syrian authorities efforts combatting terror and NATO invasion, also to terrorize the Syrian population pushing them towards a ‘colored revolution’ taking advantage of the chaos caused recently in Lebanon, Iraq, Bolivia, and elsewhere, and also to strip the joy of the victory over international terror the Syrian people are living.

From yesterday’s bombing in Qamishli:

car bombings in Qamishli

Three Civilians Martyred 20 Others Injured in 3 Car Bombings in Qamishli

The city of Qamishli in northeast of Syria was targeted with 3 car bombings resulting in the killing of 3 civilians and injured 20 others.

This report is developing, we will update it accordingly.
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