Lebanon: Lawyers Confirm Ghaddar’s Testimony before Congress Exposes Her to Life-term Sentence


November 23, 2019

After the Lebanese-American journalist Hanin Ghaddar testified before a Congress Subcommittee on Lebanon protests, Lebanese lawyers considered her testimony violates the penal code because it provokes a foreign country to attack the nation.

The lawyer Foad Matar stressed that Ghaddar’s crime which abuses the national sovereignty and independence is an act of treachery and exposes her to a life-term sentence.

Ghaddar provoked in her testimony the United States against the Lebanese state and its institutions, including the Lebanese army.

She also urged the US to intervene in Lebanon in order to undermine Hezbollah influence, accusing the Lebanese army intelligence of working in favor of Hezbollah.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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