JP: Hezbollah Energy Threat could Send “Israel” back to Biblical Times

JP: Hezbollah Energy Threat could Send “Israel” back to Biblical Times

By Staff, Agencies 

The “Israeli” cabinet was informed this week by so-called Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz that it is going to increase renewable goals by 2030 from a symbolic 17% up to a laughable 30%, thus ensuring an expensive 70% monopoly of the power sector by the gas companies for another decade and more.

This means, according to the Jerusalem Post [JP], that the apartheid entity’s energy security will become more and more vulnerable, as Hezbollah missiles become more and more accurate.

“In fact, once the new gas rig off Zichron Ya’acov goes live later this year, Hezbollah can quickly decapitate the “Israeli” economy with a barrage of missiles that can easily overwhelm Iron Dome,” it cautioned.

Meanwhile, the daily lamented the fact that “Steinitz, and our security establishment, know that when it comes to energy, “Israel” is about to be sent back to biblical times.”

“Hezbollah has Iranian-supplied M600 missiles, Syrian-supplied SCUD-B missiles and is working with Iran to increase the precision of their estimated 140,000 missiles. And the Iranians have submarines,” according to the JP.

“Furthermore, a Russian submarine was spotted 15 km off our shores just recently, checking out the marine protection routine. The grid, along with our power-intensive desalination plants, is toast unless we unleash the power of the sun immediately,” the JP added.

To add insult to injury, the daily highlighted that the Zionist “government is also putting the economy in grave danger due to the fact that “Israel” is unprepared to treat an oil spill in case of a hit to the rigs, and there is also no compensation plan for the thousands of businesses that depend on a clean sea for their livelihood.”

“The cabinet acquiescence this week for only a modest increase in solar power is against our national security and economic interests,” it concluded.

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