Man, Woman Burned to Death after Bandits Hurled Stones on their Car in Jiyyeh (Video)


Bandits continued to disrupt the lives of citizens in all regions throughout Lebanon, however this time, they crowned their vandalism with a direct attack on a Jiyyeh bystander, leading to the immediate death of a man and a woman.


At dawn Monday, Mr. Hussein Shalhoub was heading from the southern town of Tairflseih to Beirut with his family when bandits threw stones at his car which he lost control of. The car then hit a utility pole on the roadside and caught fire.

The man and the woman were burned to death in their car. The man’s daughter survived miraculously from the fire. She was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital in Jiyyeh.

Following is the video of the daughter speaking about the accident:

“We were heading towards Beirut when unexpectedly a huge object, as if it was a projectile, was thrown on the car. My dad lost control of the car and it caught fire because of the oil spilled on the highway. The car started to burn from his side and my aunt was stuck, she couldn’t unlock the door,” Shalhoub’s daughter said in the video.

On October 17, dozens of thousands of protesters took to streets in rejection of the government’s tax policy; however, some political forces rode the wave of the rightful demonstrations, manipulating their emblems in order to impose their own foreign agenda.

In this context, bandits blocked key roads in various Lebanese cities and towns, hampering the citizens’ daily lives and leading to a worsened economic situation.

Citizens expressed their annoyance via media, with thousands of people being stuck in the roads for hours, waiting to pass. Reports revealed that bandits who were blocking roads in some areas were asking people for money in order to pass.

Source: Al-Manar Website

Lebanon: Bandits Kill Man, Woman on South-Beirut Highway

Hezbollah firmly denounces the horrific crime on Al-Jiyyeh highway which claimed the two martyrs Hussein Shalhoub and Sanna Al-Jondi

Lebanon: Bandits Kill Man, Woman on South-Beirut Highway

By Al-Ahed News

As part of the continued criminal act of blocking roads in the course of the so-called ‘Lebanese revolution’, which is hindering the living of citizens in all areas, bandits this time killed a man and a woman on their way to Beirut coming from the south.

According to al-Ahed News website’s sources, Mr. Hussein Shalhoub was heading at 5:30 in the morning from his village Tayr Felsay, south Lebanon, to Beirut with members of his family. When his car passed through Jiyeh, bandits started throwing stones at the windows of his car until he lost control and collided with an electricity transmission tower. The car immediately caught fire.

According to the municipal of the victim’s village, Mr. Shalhoub directly passed away, and so did his sister-in-law. His daughter, however, miraculously survived but was transferred to al-Hajj Hospital in Jiyeh for treatment.

Hezbollah parliamentary bloc calls for an immediate investigation into the criminal incident which claimed two martyrs in Jiyyeh

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