Hezbollah MP: Soft War We’re Witnessing Now Equal to July War, We’ll Emerge Victorious

MP Mohammad Raad

December 4, 2019

Head of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc Mohammad Raad said Wednesday the soft war the resistance is witnessing nowadays is equal to July War, stressing that as in 2006, “we will emerge victorious.”

In a local ceremony in the southern town of Jibshit, MP Raad said the “economic situation in the country is bitter,” calling for cooperation in a bid to face the harsh conditions of the country.

“The situation requires more cooperation in a bid to heal the people’s sufferings. We shall work together as a united body,” MP Raad said, hoping that the crisis will not last long.

“Our destiny is to go ahead with our steadfastness. And I tell you that what we are witnessing now is a soft war that is equal to July War. And as we emerged victorious in 2006 we will do so in this war,” the Hezbollah MP stressed.


Source: Al-Manar English Website

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