So Much Respectful to Lebanese Judiciary! US Paying Amer Fahkoury Regular Consular Visits

So Much Respectful to Lebanese Judiciary! US Paying Amer Fahkoury Regular Consular Visits

Very much ‘concerned’ US over agent Amer Fakhoury’s detention is sending delegates on regular basis to visit him in his medical facility

By Zeinab Daher

Beirut – Sometimes it turns very questionable to see a country voicing support for a murderer who killed and tortured his nationals while delightedly serving his country’s occupiers.

And some other times, it turns more doubtful that this same country remains silent about a horrific murder and dismembering of a journalist, who was its resident, by its ally.

But wait! Does it actually seem that the issue in both cases is the same? Maybe yes. It is the same country standing by the side of the murderer while hiding when it comes to the victim.

It is even much alike, our case here is, plus being aligned with the criminal murderer, an obvious interference in another country’s sovereignty.

In the most recent blatant interference in Lebanon’s affairs and its judicial system, reports revealed that a senior US State Department official voiced late Monday his country’s ‘concern’ over the situation of Amer Fakhoury.

While all Lebanese nationals and the relatives of his victims were demanding his execution, and even labeling him as the ‘slaughterer of Khiaym’ Detention Center, the US administration was shamelessly supporting Fakhoury, who himself confessed before the Lebanese Military Tribunal his role as a leader in the ‘Israeli’ proxy in South Lebanon.

Furthermore, this official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told a group of reporters that “we have routine consular visits with him” and that Fakhoury had been removed from his detention facility and was now in a medical facility.

“We are in routine touch with his family as well. I don’t – I think we are engaged with the government of Lebanon about his release. I don’t think I have the ability to provide further comment on Amer because of what is – he has to sign certain waivers for that to occur,” he added.

Amer Fakhoury returned to Lebanon coming from the United States in September of 2019.

Fakhoury closed his New Hampshire restaurant before heading to Lebanon.

He entered the country through Beirut International Airport. Upon arrival, the airport employee noticed that the man, holding an American passport, was a ‘wanted’ citizen. However, as the employee examined the issue, he learned that the decision to arrest him has been ‘withdrawn’ that’s why he was allowed to enter the country but after revoking his passport.

Fakhoury was later detained and referred to the Military Tribunal on September 13. After questioning by the General Security, he confessed to “cooperating with and working for” the ‘Israeli’ enemy that occupied the country and humiliated the nation for 22 years.

He had served in the Khiyam Detention Camp under the ‘Israeli’ occupation as a military commander of ‘Israel’s’ so-called South Lebanon Army that was commanded by Antoine Lahd.

There was a national consent that Fakhoury was the most notorious of all agents who served for the ‘Israeli’ occupation enemy. This was proved through testimonies of the families of those who were either killed or maimed as a result of torture inside the detention camp.

During his service, the enemy’s agent caused incurable injuries among almost all detainees, not to mention those who were martyred under torture.

Since then, all Lebanese nationals, but most precisely the relatives Fakhoury’s victims has been outraged by his return.

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