US Uses False Flag Op to Legitimize Bombing Iraq, Syria

December 30, 2019

Miri Wood

Though it is difficult to imagine how a country that was invaded, and bombed, whose population was slaughtered, and which then submitted to long-term occupation, could have the capacity to consent to being re-bombed, Syria never consented to being bombed, nor to having terrorists be armed against it, nor did Syria ever invite US / OIR occupation forces in.

The statement continued in Orwellian, war criminal, Newspeak, that the US would “not be deterred from exercising its right to self-defense.”

An invader has no claim to defend itself when breaching International Law regarding sovereignty.

But the US is notorious for its torquing of military truth. In September 2014, after Obama announced the establishment of the War Criminal Coalition to Bomb Syria, press liaison Jen Psaki told the media that the US had given Syria the courtesy of knowing the bombing would begin, and the warning that if Syria dared to shoot down war criminal bomber jets in Syria, the US would claim such action as an act of war.

In the wake of this aggression, a number of political blocks in the Iraqi Parliament are now calling to activate a once shelved draft resolution calling on the US forces to withdraw from Iraq, especially that Trump has declared more than once that ISIS is defeated, thus the presence of the US forces there has no justification to stay.

Israel and Bahrain are the only parties who welcomed this latest aggression. The Iraqis are anticipating such escalation since last October when Israel started its air raids against the Iraqi PMU warehouses with facilitation from the US forces in Iraq. This aggression was carried out by US F15 fighter jets from within Iraq itself.

This official statement came shortly after the news that Syria had found another several million of dollars of NATO and Israeli weapons left behind by terrorists fleeing the Syrian Arab Army.

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