Saudi Sympathizes with ‘Holocaust Victims’, Pays ‘Israel’ Billions of Dollars in Return for Air Defense Systems


 January 22, 2020

The Zionist media revealed that Saudi will purchase Israeli air defense systems in order to face the Iranian threats, adding that Riyadh will pay billions of US dollars in order to conclude this deal.

After Aramco attack, the Saudis discovered that they are exposed to all kinds of attacks especially those launched via drones and mobile missiles, according to the Zionist analysts.

The Israeli military analysts stressed that the Army badly needs the Saudi funds in order to reinforce its readiness to confront the various challenges, especially those posed on the northern border of the occupation entity.

The Zionist media outlets also highlighted the Saudi tendency to employ clerics in the process of normalizing ties with the entity, focusing on the viaist paid by 15 clerics, led by the secretary general of the so-called Islamic World League ‘Sheikh’ Mohammad Issa, to Auschwitz camp in Poland in order to express sympathy with the so-called ‘Holocaust victims’.

Muslim” World League chief meets Lebanese “Sunni “Mufti

It is worth noting that one of the clerics was the Lebanese Mohammad Ali Al-Husseini who was hailed by the Israeli media for his anti-Hezbollah stances.

A “Muslim” Zionist

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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