Saudi Closure of Sanaa Int’l Airport Genocide against Yemeni Patients


The General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology confirmed that the US-Saudi aggression continued closure of Sana’a International Airport is a crime, and has reached the level of genocide, against Yemeni patients.

The spokesman of the Authority said that Sana’a International Airport would not have stopped 4 years without legal justification if there had been no international silence and collusion.

The spokesman, in a press conference, called on the international and human rights organizations to press the aggression’s countries to reopen Sana’a Airport to save who can be saved of the patients and to let the people  who couldn’t be back to home to do, especially in the deteriorating security situation in the southern regions and the recent lawlessness.

He call the human rights and humanitarian organizations to interact with the oppression of the Yemeni People and move the forgotten file in international forums.

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