SAA Repel a Nusra Front Terrorist Attack Southwest of Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army SAA Aleppo Idlib

February 1, 2020 Arabi Souri

The Syrian Arab Army units operating in southwest Aleppo repelled an attack carried out by Nusra Front terrorists at the outskirts of Jamiyat Zahraa, the SAA units continue their advance through fortifications of the NATO terrorist groups.

Nusra Front terrorists used 4 car bombs (suicide booby-trapped vehicles) leading their attack, the vigilant SAA vanguard troops bombed the vehicles before reaching their targets and instantly bombed the locations where the herds of terrorists were gathering. The swift action by the SAA units foiled the attack and inflicted heavy losses among the terrorist groups.

NATO suicidal terrorists always use booby-trapped vehicles in their incursions to cause maximum damage and casualties and their infantry follows. In this case, they didn’t expect the SAA troops were alert and could destroy the incoming vehicles from distance and furthermore be able to locate and target the gatherings of the terrorists.

On another front, the SAA units continued their advance on Khan Touman axis towards Al-Khalidia and the grains silos areas destroying all fortifications and barricades built by the terrorist groups on their way.

Terrorists from Nusra Front and its affiliated groups carried out another attack last night against the advancing troops on this axis but was also foiled by the Syrian Arab Army.

After 18 months of breaching his own commitments and instead of segregating the terrorists into groups and disarming them from heavy weapons as he promised, the Turkish madman Erdogan instead has augmented the number of terrorists with new of his loyal followers and increased their supplies of weapons and gears, he then instructed them to carry out waves of terrorist attacks against the cities of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama and the liberated towns in Idlib province in order to keep the Syrian armed forces engaged defending the civilians and the military posts away from the areas the Turkish Army is working to Israelize north and northeast of the country. This all warranted the final decision to uproot the terror completely from the northwest of the country and then move to the rest of the regions infested with Erdogan assorted armies.

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