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Originally posted on Rebel Voice: This lightly presented piece looks at the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism in the 8th century. The narrator doesn’t appear to be too concerned about his very casual attitude, and the article is probably the better for it. Many academics still dispute the premise given in this video, yet…

via Khazar History – An Ancient Jewish Empire That Threatens Modern Israel? — Rebel Voice

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  1. With this logic, the only real claimant of Kashmir could be Shaivites, the Kashmiri Pundits. The residents of Kashmir today are outsiders or coward converts from Shaivites to Islam. They have displaced millions of original inhabitants of Kashmir, the Kashmiri Pundits. From India to the Middle East, Central Asia and the Levant, the whole area was the playground of Shiva. One expert looking at the plight of the whole region once stated that they are under the curse of Shiva. Because inhabitants of these areas destroyed Shiva’s temples and civilization. They would never be at peace. His prophecy is somewhat coming true.

    • Thats a little too off the mark. With all due respect.

      • Hmmm, it is not really off the mark. I keep reading all sob stories about Kashmir on this blog but not even a single word about the plight of over one million Kashmiri Pundits(the original sons of the soil), who have been living out of their land for the last 30 years. What are your views on that?

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