Dershowitz on the Promotion of Jewish Values (precious)


In his desperate attempt to defame Bernie Sanders, the Harvard professor has identified the enemy within: “the worst people in terms of not promoting Jewish values.” Dershowitz was referring to Norman Finkelstein, Karl Marx, Noam Chomsky and Gilad Atzmon. I guess that most people would regard the company above as guardians of justice and humanism. Not exactly a quality that can be attributed to Dershowitz and his arch pedo-pal Jeffrey Epstein.

Sooner or later, the American people will have to figure out how did lame characters such as Dershowitz have managed to invade their Ivy League institutions…


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  1. Despicable Dershowitz is at the very top of the worst of the worst. He may still be so, but I recall 15 years or so ago that he was a screaming maniac in debates or other fora that dared to take on his tribe and its myriad transgressions against the brave, tortured “ultimate victims” of Palestine. I think it was Susan Abulhawa — a personal hero for years — who took him on at one such event and, in measured tones, maturity, and truth above all, eviscerated this Dirty, Despicable Zionist and his arguments that had to be expressed in shouting and gutter-level terms–he had nothing else but vitriol in his repertoire. Wish I had retained the video clip….

    Thanks to Gilad! (And, yes, I think there’s more — a lot more — to the saga of the vile scum PedoEpstein (+Ghislane Maxwell…)’s dalliance with Damnable Devil Dershowitz. Start with “intelligence,” espionage, Mossad, blackmail dossiers, BClinton-PAndrew and go from there. But the chance of resolute outing of the facts and the trail leading to their roots is, of course, little to none…such is the depth of the Zionization of America, the former land of the free and home….

    Pity the Palestinians. Pity Pedo-Epstein’s vulnerable, abused young female victims, all used in sexual lust to service the (secular) lust of Zionism to establish full-spectrum global domination.

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