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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has eliminated a military commander of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL), opposition sources revealed on February 15.

The commander, identified by his nom de guerre “Abu Muslim Taoum,” was killed on February 9 in clashes with army units in the town of al-Taliyah in the southeastern Idlib countryside.

Abu Muslim was reportedly the commander of Jaysh al-Ahrar’s Special Forces. The group is one of the key members of the NFL.

Syrian Army Eliminates Turkish-Affiliated Field Commander In Southeast Idlib

Abu Muslim Taoum

Several militants were killed alongside Abu Muslim, three of them were identified by local activists as Abu Mohamad al-Sham, Abu Mohamad al-Hamui and Abu Adana Taftanaz.

Earlier this week, the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) neutralized a senior al-Qaeda commander, who was taking part in a Turkish-led attack on SAA positions in western Aleppo.

Turkish-backed militants and al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Greater Idlib have been fighting side by side against the SAA for more than a year now. Turkey is now reportedly providing all of them with military support.

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