Palestine’s Islamic Jihad Says Fighter Martyred in Israeli ‘Savage Crime’ at Gaza Fence

 February 23, 2020

Islamic Jihad Palestinian Resistance movement announced on Sunday that one of its fighters was martyred in an Israeli ‘savage crime’ at the border between Gaza and the occupied territories, east of Khan Younes.

“One of OUR Mujahedeen (fighters) Mohammad Ali Hasan An-Naem, 27, was martyred on Sunday morning in a savage Zionist crime,” Al-Quds Brigades, Islamic Jihad’s military wing, said in a brief statement carried by Palestine Today news agency.

Israeli occupation forces on Sunday morning shot dead a Palestinian and injured four others near the Gaza border, before brutally extracting the martyr’s body with a bulldozer.

In a widely shared distressing video, an Israeli armored bulldozer was filmed repeatedly crushing the body of the slain Palestinian with its blade, then grabbing the corpse with the blade and swinging the body back and forth in the air.

Source: Palestine Today

Israeli armored bulldozer grabbing the body of a martyred Palestinian after repeatedly crushing the corpse with its blade near Gaza fence (February 23, 2020).


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