Syrian Forces Retook Saraqib After Mighty Turkish Army Fled From Town: Reports

South Front

Early on March 2, units of the 25th Special Mission Forces Division (formerly the Tiger Forces) returned control of the town of Saraqib in eastern Idlib after the Turkish Army and its al-Qaeda allies had fled from the area, according to pro-government sources.

Saraqib was the biggest and the most important gain of the Turkish-led advance in Greater Idlib. If Turkish forces are not able to keep control over it, the declaration of the Turkish leadership about a devastating blow to the ‘Assad regime’ and a swift advance towards southwestern Aleppo and northern Hama are just empty words.

Meanwhile, Turkish state media accidentially released a video showing the real face of Turkish-backed “democratic fighters” – the great guys with ISIS insignias.

 سقطه وفضيحه لاردوغان
اثناء ارسال مرتزقه إلي إدلب سوريا
قناه الاناضول بغباءه
تصور من داخل المدرعات التركيه
مجموعه من داعش مع الجيش التركي 😂
😂 قولنالكم انه هو رئيس تنظيم داعش

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Syrian Army, Hezbollah score new advance in Saraqib after resuming operation

By News Desk -2020-03-01

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:45 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), alongside Hezbollah, scored a new advance in the city of Saraqib on Sunday, following the resumption of their counter-offensive in this area.

Led by elements of the 25th Special Mission Forces Division (formerly Tiger Forces), the Syrian Arab Army managed to capture several areas inside of Saraqib, including a number of neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city.

According to a military source in the area, the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah are now steadily advancing in the city-center, as they look to capture the remaining neighborhoods under the control of the militant forces.

The Syrian Arab Army recently got a major boost at the Saraqib front when reinforcements from Hezbollah in Aleppo and the 25th Division in southern Idlib redeployed to this front.

The counter-offensive was briefly forestalled over the weekend, when the Turkish Armed Forces carried out several attacks across the Aleppo and Idlib governorates.

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