Erdogan Terrorist Attacks Continue in Syria as Western Cretins Fight for Toilet Paper

March 14, 2020 Miri Wood

terrorists panic campaign in Damascus suburb detonate a civilian car
Another civilian was murdered when an IED on his car was remotely detonated.

Erdogan terrorists continue attacks against Syrians, in ongoing breaches of the [unilateral] CoH while westerners survive the horror of beating each other up in toilet paper fights. As of yesterday, there have been 33 reports of continuing attacks against the people of Syria.

The various mercenary and designated-by-all takfiri supported by Madman Erdogan began their attacks on the cessation of hostilities a nanosecond after the ink on the agreement dried. On day two of this CoH, the Turkish head of state who places his devotion to the Muslim Brotherhood over the national interests of his country, deployed more war criminal cannon fodder into Syria, through Kfar Lucin. The goal is to murder more Syrian soldiers, destroy or loot more Syrian infrastructure, steal more Syrian homes and create more forced displacement of Syrian civilians.

Erdogan's Children in Idlib the SAA is killing: HTS aka 'Nusra Front' aka 'Al-Qaeda Levant' aka FSA aka ISIS
Erdogan’s Children in Idlib the SAA is killing: HTS aka ‘Nusra Front’ aka ‘Al-Qaeda Levant’ aka FSA aka ISIS

Another attempt at terror panic against the Syrian population had a fatal outcome yesterday when a civilian’s car that had been wired with an IED was remotely detonated at the al Dahadil Intersection in Damascus. Only one human being was murdered in this atrocity.

The cowardly bombing of vehicles in crowded urban areas has been an ongoing terror panic to maximize the carnage and emotional destabilization. Such brutality would never be normalized in NATO countries.

Car bomb blast in urban neighborhood of Hasaka, December 2019

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