Yemen’s Armed Forces Score New Achievement: Hundreds of Enemy Forces Killed, Detained and Injured in Series of 50 Ops

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On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the war on Yemen, the Yemeni Armed Forces unveiled yet another achievement against the enemies of their country, in which hundreds of the hostile forces were either killed, detained of injured. Additionally, many more gains were made.

The Yemeni Armed Forces issued the following statement:

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful 

{But if they intend to betray you – then they have already betrayed Allah before, and He empowered [you] over them. And Allah is Knowing and Wise} Holy Quran, Anfal 71

The Yemeni Armed Forces continue liberating all directorates of al-Jawf Province, except for the directorates of Khabb, Shaaf and al-Hazm Desert in a wide-scale operation “Allah Empowered You Over Them”. 

Within five days of violent confrontations, and in response to the enemy’s escalation in the province, the Yemeni Armed Forces achieved the following:

  • Forcing the so-called sixth military zone to retreat, which includes all its military brigades
  • Leaving hundreds of the enemy forces either killed, detained or injured, including commanders
  • Seizing a variety of weapons 

The Rocketry Force as well as the Propelled Air Force took part in the operation. They carried out more than 50 operations, some of which targeted the Saudi depth in response to the Saudi military escalation. 

The Armed Forces hail the prominent and honorable role of the tribes in al-Jawf in accomplishing this achievement. They also stress that they will continue their efforts to liberate the entire territories of the Yemeni Republic until it gains its complete independence. 

The Yemeni Armed Forces are working to settle the situation in al-Jawf after expelling the enemy forces and their mercenaries from all directorates. 

On this level, we thank Allah the Splendid and Almighty for His support and empowerment, in addition to facilitating our path to victory and sight 

{And you threw not when you threw, but it was Allah who threw that He might test the believers with a good test} Holy Quran, Anfal 17

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

Long live Yemen, dignified and independent. 

Victory be to Yemen and all free people of the nation. 

End of statement

Armed Forces spokesman Announces Liberating of Al-Jawf Governorate during ’Allah Overpowered them’ OP

The Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier Yahya Saree, revealed this afternoon Tuesday the details of the large military operation, Allah Overpowered them, affirming the liberation of all districts of Al-Jawf Governorate except for some areas in Khob Wa Asha’af district and Al-Hazm desert during the operation. 

Brigadier General Saree said in a statement that the “Allah Overpowered them” OP led to the defeat of the so-called 6th Military Zone of mercenaries, with all its military brigades , killing, injuring and capturing of hundreds of mercenaries.

“The Rocketry Force and the Air Force, participated in the liberation, executed more than 50 operations, some of which targeted the depth of the Saudi enemy in response to its escalation,” Saree said.

The Armed Forces spokesman praised the prominent and honorable role of Al-Jawf tribes in achieving this great achievement, stressing the continuation of work to liberate all of the Yemen’s lands.

He pointed out that our forces are working to normalize the situation in Al-Jawf Governorate and its districts after defeating the aggression forces and their mercenaries.



South Front

The Houthis (Ansar Allah) have released a video and photos from the city of Al Hazm, the capital of Yemen’s al-Jawf province. They have recently recaptured the city from Saudi-backed forces and are now developing momentum in the northern Yemeni region.

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