Al-Manar Reporter’s Border Coverage One Meter Away from Israeli Soldiers “Incredible”: Zionist Media (Video)

Mohammad Salami

The Zionist media outlets highlighted Al-Manar TV’s border coverage during the recent incidents when the enemy’s army detected three holes along the technical fence between Lebanon and the occupied Palestine.

The Israeli media described as incredible how Al-Manar reporter Ali Shoeib neared the Zionist solders and broadcast a live video from the scene, adding that Shoeib holds an anti-Israel agenda.

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How Did The Enemy Interpret The Lebanese-Palestinian Border Fence Incident?

How Did The Enemy Interpret The Lebanese-Palestinian Border Fence Incident?

Translated by Staff, Source: Hebrew Media

“The message is clear. Hezbollah demonstrated an impressive operational ability by reaching the border at points that are not being observed by our monitoring centers.”
This is how a military analyst for “Israeli” Channel 13 characterized two particular incidents. Alon Ben-David was talking about the targeting of a Lebanese car on the Syrian border and the opening of three holes in the fence along Lebanon’s border with occupied Palestine.
“The hole was not only cut. It was rather cut between two columns. And this means that their message is ‘if I could get here, I could have gotten to Jephthah settlement, Metula, and Avivim, but I chose not to be there,’” Ben-David added. “This means that you, the ‘Israeli’ army, are sending me a message. So, go ahead and receive this signal in return: every operation you carry out, you will receive a response from me.”
Regarding the bombing of a Lebanese car on the Syrian border, Ben-David indicated that “one missile from an “Israeli” drone was fired and hit the side of the car before it crossed the border.”
“As you can see, these people are serious. They understood the message and did not panic. They moved forward, took the bags from inside the car, and made sure to close the door. These are not people who panic,” he added.
In Ben-David’s opinion, Hezbollah members fully understood the situation. “They fully understood what was happening, but they did not panic. A minute and forty seconds after launching the first missile, a second missile was launched destroying the SUV. Hezbollah sent a message that any operation of this sort would be met with such a response.”
Bin-David pointed out that “the matter is worrying, and this is part of the broader complications in the north. If you look at the map, you see 1000 blind spots, and observation posts cannot see them. And on the other side there are bushes and areas that contain very dense forests.”

Hezbollah ’embarrassed’ IDF’s defense along Lebanese border: Israeli newspaper

By News Desk -2020-04-19

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 P.M.) – The online publication, Walla News, reported on Sunday morning, that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were surprised last Friday night when they found the border fence with Lebanon cut in three different locations.

According to the publication, Hezbollah was behind the cutting of the border fence, which, in itself, would be a difficult thing to do, given the Israeli security in this area.

The newspaper claimed that Hezbollah fighters succeeded in ’embarrassing’ the defenses of the northern region’s command in the IDF, after they had penetrated three different points on the Lebanese-Israeli border, and had withdrawn into Lebanese territory without casualties.

The Walla report claims the operation confirms the gravity of the Israeli military security situation, especially as it is an area in which several battalions in the IDF alternate responsibility in it, and that the army’s response was so weak and too late, that it allowed the Hezbollah fighters to return safely.

The website reported that with this incident on the Lebanese-Israeli border, this matter requires a precise military stance in the northern region.

They would add that Hezbollah wanted to deliver an important military message to Israel, stating that it could easily penetrate the borders and enter the Israeli depth.

In the same context, Hezbollah’s Central War Media denied carrying out any operation on the Lebanese-Israeli border strip, stressing that everything that is circulated through some social media platforms and attributed to it in southern Lebanon is false.

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