Economic Pressure Won’t Force Hezbollah to Make Concessions – Deputy SG

Economic Pressure Won’t Force Hezbollah to Make Concessions - Deputy SG

Translated by Staff

Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem blamed the crises plaguing Lebanon on successive policies of previous governments.

“The current government is working to address files in various ways to reach the best result, so it must be given a chance,” he said.

In an interview with Al-Nour radio station, Sheikh Qassem explained that “Lebanon’s Central Bank governor bears responsibility for the crisis we are in now. But he is not the only one responsible.”

“Hezbollah’s position regarding the issue of the governor is clear. It is a necessity to discuss the issue of the Central Bank within the government and not in the media so that an appropriate decision is made in this context based on placing the country’s interest above anything else,” Sheikh Qassem stressed.

His Eminence pointed out that “the dollar reaching record levels means that there are accumulated errors and a negative performance from Lebanon’s Central Bank that led us to this result. The follow-up must be to diagnose the cause and try to correct it to put an end to this chaos, and this is what the government is working on.”

The Hezbollah official noted that “the government’s economic plan is both broad and detailed. If it is approved with additional integrated plans, we will witness the beginning of solutions to the current crises.”

“The problem lies within those who reject this,” Sheikh Qassem warned.

“We have seen the draft, and we have notes on some of its provisions. The cabinet will discuss it and make a decision on it. In principle, we are against privatization. However, there is a partnership that may be useful in some matters that we can discuss separately. We might reject or agree when the time comes,” he added.

“Hezbollah has an integrated socio-economic plan that it won’t be putting forward, so it does not become the focus of discussion. It will be a point of reference for us through which we show our viewpoint in the government.”

Sheikh Qassem also stressed that “there are parties who want to overthrow the government, but their capabilities and the objective conditions do not allow them to do so.”

“The government is strong, stable, and coherent. It made practical steps to put the country on the right course.”

The senior Hezbollah official urged people not to downplay the government’s progress in combating coronavirus pandemic.

“Hezbollah supports a strong and effective state in Lebanon. It supports drawing up comprehensive reform and salvation plans. And this is what the party is exercising in the parliament and government,” Sheikh Qassem said.

“Holding Hezbollah responsible for what is going on in Lebanon is unrealistic. Hezbollah will not respond to campaigns launched against it because it is interested in working for the country and not in political wrangling.”

“All attempts to bring about sedition at home have failed,” he added.

Regarding the fight against corruption, Sheikh Qassem asserted that “this battle has its tools, while reform has practical steps.”

“Hezbollah is not the only responsible side in this field, and it is doing the best it can within the Lebanese structure.”

Sheikh Qassem said he believes that “the 2000 liberation resulted in Lebanon regaining its freedom, independence, and well-being.”

He also underscored the readiness of the resistance “to defend Lebanon and respond to any aggression decided by any Zionist government.”

“The liberation’s great results also impacted those who refused to recognize them. We now feel that we are a country that is not under the guillotine of the ‘Israeli’ enemy.”

“‘Israel’ knows exactly what happened on the border and who was behind it. It is enough that the enemy understood the message behind what happened. That is sufficient.”

“The US and ‘Israel’ will utilize all weapons against their enemies and opponents, and I do not absolve them from tampering with the Lebanese home front,” Sheikh Qassem concluded.

“Hezbollah does not make concessions through economic pressure. It is in their [‘Israel’ and the US] interest that matters do not reach the abyss.”

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