Israel launches heavy strikes over Syrian capital

By News Desk -2020-04-270

Last night, the Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes over the Syrian capital, Damascus, causing a number of explosions over the southern suburbs.

According to a field source in Damascus, the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles towards the Sayyeda Zaynab District, prompting the Syrian air defenses to engage the hostile projectiles from the Mezzeh Airbase.

He would add that the Israeli Air Force conducted these airstrikes from Lebanese airspace, which is common occurrence.No casualties have been confirmed as of yet.

Last night’s airstrikes by the Israeli Air Force marks the second time this month that they have struck an area inside of Syria.

The last attack by the Israeli Air Force targeted the T-4 Airbase in the Homs Governorate; these strikes resulted in the death of three Syrian military personnel.

Despite possessing the Russian-made S-300 system, the Syrian air defenses have yet to use them against the Israeli forces, as they appear to be primarily concentrated in the western part of the Arab Republic.

Video footage of Syrian air defenses confronting Israeli missiles over Damascus

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:10 A.M.) – The Syrian air defenses were activated last night when several Israeli missiles were fired from Lebanon into the southwestern part of the country.

The Syrian military reported that “our air defenses confronted the” Israeli hostile targets in the skies of Damascus and brought them down.”

According to a field source, the Israeli missiles were targeting the Sayyeda Zaynab District of Damascus, which is a popular destination for Muslims during Ramadan.

“The air defense forces responded to an Israeli missile attack in the sky of the southern countryside of the capital, Damascus,” a Syrian military source told Sputnik Arabic, saying that “the missile aggression was carried out by Israeli aircraft from the Lebanese airspace.”

The source confirmed, “The Syrian anti-aircraft were able to shoot down a number of missiles before they reached their targets, and work is underway to limit the damage .”

The security source stressed that the”the Israeli aggression was carried out by about 8 missiles and 5 of them were dropped before reaching its target.”

A video was later released by Al-Ikhbariya that showed the Syrian air defenses trying to bring down the Israeli missiles over southwestern Syria.

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