Mossad provided Germany intel about Hezbollah that led to terrorist designation: Israeli media

By News Desk -2020-05-02

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:45 P.M.) – An Israel-based channel reported on Saturday that the Israeli Mossad provided its German counterpart with new information about Hezbollah’s operations.

According to the Hebrew-language Channel 12 News, reported, the Mossad provided Germany with new information about what it claimed were “terrorist operations on German soil,” which prompted the latter to declare the party a “terrorist organization.”

Channel 12 confirmed that this important information related to figures in Hezbollah working in the field of trade and who are laundering money for the party, and transferring hundreds of millions of Euros to Hezbollah bank accounts.

The news channel said on its official website that the recognition of Germany’s characterization of the party as a terrorist organization came after receiving important and accurate information.

It reported that the Mossad transferred information to German officials regarding warehouses and stores in southern Germany, with the aim of using them in terrorist acts.

The German Ministry of the Interior announced last Thursday that it had taken a decision to ban Hezbollah on its soil and designate it as a terrorist organization, while the German police carried out raids that same morning to arrest people belonging to the party.

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