Turkey fires back at 5 countries, ‘we ruined your

By News Desk -2020-05-12

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:15 P.M.) – The Turkish Foreign Ministry considered the statement from the UAE, Egypt, France, Greece and Cyprus on Turkey’s activities in the Mediterranean as evidence of “double standards”.

Turkey responds to Egypt, France and other countries: “We have ruined your sabotage accounts to stabilize the region,” the Foreign Ministry said, ” Turkey is under severe attack from Egypt, the Emirates, Greece, Cyprus and France.”

“The statement of the foreign ministers of Egypt, the UAE, Greece, France, and Greek Cyprus on the Mediterranean basin is evidence of the double standards followed by these countries,” they continued.

“Instead of entering the ruling administration in Egypt in a dialogue with Turkey, they preferred to give up and not to defend the rights and interests of its people in the Mediterranean basin, in favor of external powers that allowed them to intervene. There is no reason other than hostility to Turkey as the Emirates has no relationship in the Mediterranean,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Turkey called on the signatories of the five-year statement to act “rationally” and in accordance with international law, and said: “Stabilization in the region will not be by forming coalitions of evil, but rather through transparent and real dialogue and cooperation.”

In a joint statement, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, France and the United Arab Emirates strongly condemned what it described as “Turkey’s military intervention in Libya” and Turkey’s “illegal” movements in the Mediterranean.

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