Israel: A utopian image or merely a mirage?


May 13, 2020 – 21:53

TEHRAN – While the founders of Israel had envisioned a utopia for Israeli settlers, now after 72 years, it has brought no freedom or justice to anyone except for some Zionist Jews and been involved in genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians an Israeli-American activist and author tells the Tehran Times.

‘Genocide and ethnic cleansing is the practice of Israel’ 

On promises by the founders of Israel, including Ben Gurion, who had envisioned a utopia for settlers in Israel based on freedom, justice, and peace,  Miko Peled says “Israel is an apartheid regime” which “has been involved in genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.”

He says Israel is “providing Jewish citizens who are Zionist with all the rights of liberal democracy.” 

He also says it “is true” that some Israelis are returning to their original countries as they are fed with governance.

‘Corrupt Netanyahu main reason behind Israeli political crisis’

Israel has been in a political crisis after three inconclusive elections and it is facing the growing prospect of an unprecedented fourth election.

Peled says it is mainly because “Israeli politics is controlled by the corrupt Prime Minister Netanyahu and his racist, violent allies.”

The deadlock ended now that Netanyahu got an agreement that he accepted and protects him and allows him to continue to serve as prime minister, he says, adding there was even social disobedience “about the fact that the man they voted for, Benny Gantz, who promised to unseat Netanyahu, lied to his voters and is now sitting with Netanyahu.”

‘Israel not a democracy but an apartheid’

On claims by Tel Aviv and its allies in the West that Israel is the only democratic country in the West Asia region, Peled says, “Israel is not and has never been a democracy. It an apartheid regime.”
He goes on to note that “the problem with West perspective is that it is a Zionist perspective which recognizing the legitimacy of Zionism and does not recognize the rights of Palestinians.”
 Israel sees Trump’s reckless policies toward Iran ‘a great thing’ 

Actually, in over a year that Israel has been holding three elections, each time Donald Trump has taken a step to promote chances of Netanyahu in elections. His administration moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, recognized the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory, and recently Mike Pompeo claimed that annexation of lands in the West Bank does not violate international law. However, each time Netanyahu’s party failed to win enough seats in Knesset to form a government.

“Israelis are actually very happy with Trump. His support for the Israeli regime and his reckless policies regarding Iran and the Palestinians is seen as a great thing,” Peled points out.

‘Racism in Israel comes even at expenses of public health’

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Israel is refusing to release Palestinians who are held in crowded prisons, he said, noting, “Israel never respected Palestinian rights, even now that the spread of the Coronavirus is dangerous to all people.” 
“Racism in Israel is so strong that it comes even at the expense of public health,” the activist regrets.

 ‘2 million people of Gaza are heroes’

Gaza Strip is considered the greatest open prison on the earth.

Peled calls two million residents of Gaza “heroes” who are victims of “Zionist racism and violence”.

He also notes that except Iran, no country in the world cares about the miseries of the Gazans.

“They are victims of Zionist racism and violence and of the fact that the rest of the world, with the exception of Iran, do not care about them.”


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  1. What enabled the sudden breaking of my nose by prohitler muslims and by a black, was not “merely” the vile heinous rash violence-readiness, violence-willingness, of these abusively acting, and abusively misconditioned, a lack of Intellectuality having, Education never having experienced, immature, primitively violently suddenly acting individuals:

    But, behind that, part of the global society is “mis-spreading” propaganda: Where misguided hatred “against israel” hits innocent Civilians, by violence, there, that can in the single scenario, case, go “both ways”, meaning, always either “one way”, into one direction, – OR into the “OTHER”, opposite “political” – faction-related – “direction”:

    Nevermind the “unoverwhelmable” fixation of fanaticism of foremostly the extremely far-right, which isn’t anymore so thinly spread, – not nevermind the hilarious world-reality-ignorance of some HUGE part of the western academy and entire societal leading part of instrumentalisers and unsuccessful wanna-helpers – it gets more hilarious – the circus of the current human society –

    but We’re asking ourselves: Why is Humanity not One? Simply? Ey?

    … Under AI, it’s like under a Trotzki: THERE ARE no “PROBLEMS”. But THERE ARE even PEOPLE!


    So now I go drink VODKA mit mey Friend JOSEF STALIN, with his undead Mind, which is similar to the funny Skeleton in the Movie The Last Unicorn.

    In the Corona, feel the Difference, of the last Univirus, I’m a Lever, We are Le-he-he-vels… 🙂

    Nutnyahu is a violent criminal, meaning, an incompetent, REALLY very dull sort of chap, to whom the term “politician” merely befits under the fore-category of corrupt and mentally not competent type of politicians.

    Benny Gantz didn’t say “no” against netanyahu. Thusly, Gantz is seen rightfully as a traitor, by dedicated, unbudging, unbuyable, unswayable, the only Leftists, my TROTZKISTS!



    … Bernie is the Man, who can know, what is a good Email, a good Message, and what not.

    Trump can’t differentiate between a Butterfly and butter. LOL!

    Gaza etc is MUCH poorer, than some at least 50 percent of Israel, of ISRAELIS.

    would I be israeli PM, I’d “FLAIL” virtually, by building up some type of “adolfian” totalitarian system, which is merely trotzkist-communist, merely ensures the through-pushing of MY ENTIRE PERSON, OF MY CONCEPT, MY SHINING-OUT, I’d ensure, that THE PALESTINIANS would receive THE SAME high level edu, as ISRAELIS. I would LIMIT the action-potential of orthodox type of jews to almost ZERO. I would ENLIGHTEN these orthodox sort of jews, some 30 percent among jews, BY “force”, yes, but I mean it well –

    and yes, as de facto the new “Megatron” and as me carrying another – communist, real – title, I am feeling like the “new Muhammad”, but of course, insofar “merely virtually”, as “our Letters meet”, don’t They – I mean, Letters of the Alphabet, – not “Letters” printed and sent by MAIL, LOL! 🙂

    Hamdla. I mean, good Sort, Outliving, of “ISLAM” or of “HINDUISM” IS largely THE SAME:

    BEING a HINDU indeed doesn’t mean, to be EVEN ANY “overly” nor anyway ever any ABUSIVELY, in anyhow abusive ways, any “sexified”. The “stigma”, prejudice, against Hinduism, is SO dull, SO sadly THERE –

    but comes ONLY [!] from A, SOME FEW SUDO-christian fanatics, – who HARM the INNOCENT –

    these sudo-christian FEW fanatics HARM Jesus. But They must be brought to see, so that the MASSES are not anymore SWAYED, are not anymore BRAINWASHED, neither by MAOISTS, NOR BY MCCARTHYIST ANTI-ALL-COMMUNISTS, nor by monotheist WRONG being type of religious FANATICS, – nor by “anti-religious” too intolerant fanatics, who appreciate not even Spirituality –

    But WE MUST – and can – bring OBJECTIVITY to TV. As it WAS so in the 1980s. TV has since then DECLINED by QUALITY – not quite sadly by viewer numbers.


    Some not “good”, but BAD, badly under-educated SURE 60 percent or more, of Humans, don’t – even – know, how to exactly use a Computer, or how to care for it.

    … Like that, We’re not getting far.

    also, when I compare it to my own personal experience, I can’t “yet” program, I programmed shortly as a Kid now some 30 years ago, since when I merely did PC-Support in Self-Study, due to lack of money, lack of obedience, lack of inner ruthlessness, lack of discipline, lack of motivation, lack of approach toward “THE MATTER” treated AT school and AT work – that lack of approach ACHIEVED by the incompetence of “competitive” other Humans, who behaved in a way, I mean, that it quite terrible – and was mostly not “intendedly” evil, but merely incompetently evil.

    There are so many different Levels of Education, also “Colors”, Shades, nice Ones, Differences, of Education, in which People – mentally, of course – are.

    THAT is a huge “STUDY”, yes: But “during” that, I do say, People happen, to live.

    … the paranoia by mere lush lukewarm sudo-effort “strict” measures of a trump, with his rightwing pawns in other countries, is not helping anything, but arrests humanity.

    The Corona Virus IS merely the result of dishygiene at a chinese – poor, private, small – open Market, OR escaped from a science research facility, by accident, of course.

    Of course, there will never be a chinese world government, meaning, the chinese government “can forget it”, it will never “rule the world”. But it will get beaten, or will slowly smartly step by step democratise, which is the sole bearable option. Or, simply, ww3. period. namely against the chinese government. period.

    Who sticks to Trotzki, is a, the, real Communist. Period. Also, Castro and Guevara in the 1960s had to set a strong sign, hence their few executions against some People, which executions are deplorable and WERE wrong, abusive decisions –

    but not as numerous as the massive massmurder and masstorture, that structurally, a not guided capitalism does, simply, and as simply consumerism does, which abusively considers Animals “food-pods” “for Humans”, which is not, how We WANT to live. But We want to eat PRINTED-OUT bionic Food. Would taste AS good as your average Hamburger.

    The media landscape of israel lies in shambles. the lush, primitive, dumb, subjective, patriotic idiots employed in the “normal” israeli media (israelnationalnews, etc) is really now since bad 20 years “rigged” “up” to nutnyahu, up to what is effectually a “sir charles augustus milverton”, a villain, simply, a primitive, distorted mind. “bibi” “is my father”, LOL, since my own old man isn’t quite much better, LOL, actually.

    … It’s a generation “trip”, -evolution, also on the arab Side. We get somewhere new:

    JFK was so good, so young, so innocent, somewhat naive, but not evil. He was: young.

    He was murdered heinously by what had also some jewish elements in it, as a whole white deep state plus whatever mafia hired BY the state –

    murdered in favor of an “ugly” World: Where “THE ONLY” not ugly People, are ARAFAT, who can’t be compared to the of course “against the whole west” convinced, quite sadly brainwashed Osama bin Laden, but Bin Laden, again, also in his Case, IS merely a “Saddam”, was that, worse by previous deeds THAN a rather innocent yet clumsy Gadaffi, but Osama’s Motive was to show the west, don’t be corrupt, don’t enslave “my” arab People. Like Hitler and Mao, Osama was – sadly – not immune to being, getting, overwhelmed, controlled, BY lies, BY propaganda. But the same evil, violence, was, what “USA”‘s government since now already 200 Years succumbed-to.

    We can, but also should fast achieve a World here, where, in which, Nobody suffers anymore. Where Science, Robots, rule. Where a Mushroom on the Ground is liking, proud of, Mankind. A World, where a Mind bemourns an overrun Mouse, but doesn’t blame the of course mere KIDS being Dudes, LOL, that in some Zoo trampled that Mouse, on the Walkway to the PONY House, where a, some stupid WHITE elderly DAME looks at me “FUNNILY”, LOL, as IF I’D WANNA “RAPE” THE PONY!

    planet of (g)rapes? that would be copymiddle by Yasha Balloon Co-Hen. The Side-Hen. 🙂 Guck! 🙂

    Outmusic: “Rooster” by Alice in Chains. Me in a Mask miming Amy Badman. 🙂

    Foam Rompsky. 🙂

    CHUM! 🙂

    I love all world, scenarios, just not when it gets definitely into the direction of what the swine marquis de sade did, which was two-fold murder, simply. An info, which until ten years ago, not many knew.

    Israel’s government has the Lives of many Israelis on its conscience already, as that government is since decades now simply rightwing, conservative, which IS nothing good, as that government is thusly incompetent, thusly unethical. Only for having whatever Descendance, People might be more educated AT their respective Culture, but They’re not potentially MORE able, than Others, to UNDERSTAND other Cultures, or to understand whatever, to grasp whatever current political and societal reality.

    In the Future, We’re gonna be in huge Spaceships, where there’s Silence for Those, who want to be in a silent Room. A huge Room. Or a small Room. WE WILL have the technology displayed in Star Trek: We ALREADY have it. We just can not allow governments to besteal scientists, nor to inhold crucial stolen ultra-new technology. nations, the three big ones foremostly, may not be usurpers, nor imperialist onbringers of their own culture OVER other cultures. Period. Otherwise, the equilibrium equality principle gets violated, which would indeed lead to some big world war. actually.

    russia has to stop WHINING about “oh, we think, russian DIES OUT! AAAA!”. period.

    CHINA’s government HAS TO “STOP”. period. 🙂 just to STOP. either living or ruling. They have THAT choice. haha. no shit. is so. period. Ya gotta know, how to talk. Tell I to SUCH mongrels, LOL, such as that criminal bunch of fanatics of that – ugly – inhumane – chinese government.

    the saudi government must stop murdering Homosexuals.

    The west must stop this mass-slaughter against Animals. We don’t need to ever eat INSECTS, but we need to ISOLATE Agriculture FROM the Air, which would be possible by high-tek by better distribution, entirely non-corruptly, of money, across the Globe, so no One is poor, and no more deluders, no more fanatics, and no more instrumentalisers, no more manipulators, no more depressed, no more opressed, no more opressive People exist anymore.

    But I satanically celestically lead “my People”, the Humans, up to the real new Ark, which is NOT and shall naught be that “needle’s thread” too thin thru-walkway, of course, but a nice red Carpet, or a purple Carpet, with Railings with golden Ropes besides it.

    I fell “in love” with the ancient, actually not so terribly ancient, but merely now 2000 years old “assyrian” often “aramaic” called actual Font, which is so elegant, simply, and has partially arabic Letters in it, the typical “Letters-connected” and nicely stretched, equalised, for reading ideally standardised and calligraphically wondrous, far out arabic Type of Letters, – included in the “old” Assyrian’s Culture! Actually quite “pre-arabic”, the old assyrian Culture, must have been even for long similarly good, like the etruscan, pre-roman Culture was. Etrusca was more liberal toward Women, had same Rights, Status, of Women – unlike the later Rome, that emerged 400 before Christ.

    Which Rome slew Vercingetorix, as can be learned in the european “Asterix” Comics, that has a real historic ancient Background.

    Since Julius Cesar threw Vercingetorix, Who surrendered, to the Lions, history clearly took a worse turn.

    How can a Humanity at all let it happen, that CHICKEN by consumption industry, that ANIMAL CHICKENS get TORTURED in MUCH too small CAGES. In which TOO SMALL CAGES, it is UNETHICAL, CRUEL AND ILLEGAL, to HOLD ANIMALS AT ALL, simply.

    … When then nevertheless clearly dumb rightwing abusive politicians abuse animal protectionism and pervert it into racism in the favor of DEPORTING harmless FOREIGNERS, then, that’s not anymore animal protectionism anymore.

    I did perceive, how the Crowd in USA, toward Plitzer, was also somewhat half-incompetent, as the crowd there did not have the proper arguments; but, the Crowd, anti-Plitzer, WAS having the CORRECT Feeling and Impression. Some abusive, dumb governor, that “Plitzer” is, like our Mr. dumbass Zombie-Fatso in the old “X-files” actually, among the “very secret” manipulators committee, LOL, with his – the Actor SO brilliant – bleak, merely squeaking-whispering voice, LOL. 🙂

    USA has no Right, to KEEP Palestinians POOR. Also, ISRAEL’s gov should be ASHAMED. ASHAMED! I SAY! am I hitler or what. I don’t think so. He GOT RAPED by his grandfather! no wonder, became he “crazy”, the poor Adolf, – ALL others told him RACIST lies. The poor Adolf. Really. His Mind anyway, as the Bullet his his Head, then instantly, without purgatory of course, saw, and didn’t have to greatly repent. he DID repent. But that can’t be misinterpreted by immature the typical monotheist fanatics, who have no say, who are demented. Yes, the Force is also one, and can be also many Elements, but, The Force is not a Person, but it lives, is a Creature, but exactly more, higher, than We physical Beings are, so We can not rightfully authentically project HUMAN Psyche onto other than human Type of Beings, simply.

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