Sayyed Nasrallah: Palestine from River to Sea Belongs to Palestinians, Our Real Battle is with the US

By Zeinab Essa

Beirut – Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a televised speech in which he tackled Al-Quds International Day.

According to Sayyed Nasrallah, “We meet today to commemorate an essential event announced by the late Imam Khomeini after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.”

“25 May victory formed a great victory and a gate towards the liberation of Al-Quds,” he said, emphasizing and recalling “a set basis that have to do with International Al-Quds Day.”

He further went on to say that he “will talk about the things that have changed from last year to today.”

“Palestine from the sea to the river belongs to the Palestinian people and they must return to it. We in Lebanon have grown up with this position since ancient times,” His Eminence mentioned, reiterating that “Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people, and it must return to the Palestinian people.”

In addition, the Resistance Leader confirmed that ““Israel” is an illegal, usurped and occupying entity.”

“Those settlers who came to occupied Palestine should return to their countries. Our stance on Palestine is religious and ethical, not only humanitarian. Thus, it can’t be changed,” he stated.

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say: “We never said that we wanted to throw anyone into the sea. Those who flocked to Palestine must leave. Whoever bets that through military wars, sanctions, starvation, or misleading, that he can change our position is wrong and must change his mind.”

His Eminence underlined that “The responsibility of regaining Palestine is mainly that of the Palestinian people but it also the responsibility of the nation as Al-Mighty God will ask us about it on The Judgement Day.”

“What is happening today in the region isn’t limited to youthful enthusiasm. It is an ideological and intellectual aspect that is inherited from one generation to another,” he confirmed, noting that “The truth does not change with time, and what had been taken by theft does not become a legitimate property with time, even if the whole world recognized the legitimacy of the thief.”

In addition Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that “Liberation cannot be achieved in one, two or three years. It could take generations. The lengthy battle should not be a reason for despair because it will end with victory.”

On the same level, Hezbollah Secretary General declared that “The real battle was and still is with successive American governments, and “Israel” is the main front.”

“The current generation must not surrender or legitimize the “Israeli” occupation,” he said, wondering “In Lebanon and Palestine, who supports “Israel” with arms, technology, information, and financially? It’s the USA that is providing such great support.”

According to His Eminence, “The US is waging wars to establish and protect “Israel”. The US has made providing services to “Israel” as a gateway to get closer to it. Our real battle is to confront the US.”

“Identifying the real enemy is an essential necessity to assess achievements and to read opportunities and strategic environment,” he mentioned, noting that “Through the ‘Deal of the Century’ scheme, “Israel” is moving towards full control and total annexation of all occupied Arab lands in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also emphasized that “There are Arab and Islamic regimes that are not concerned with the confrontation with the “Israeli” entity. The real enemy that we’re fighting is the US, although we are not shooting at each other.”

“There are Arab countries that support the American-“Israeli” axis and sometimes provide great services to it. There are Arab countries that help and support “Israel”. They even deal sharply and negatively with the Palestinian people,” he added.

In addition, His Eminence underscored that “In the American-“Israeli” view, Iran is the center and the most targeted country in the axis of the resistance. When Trump withdrew from the nuclear agreement and returned to imposing sanctions on Iran, he was betting on an angry popular reaction in the Iranian internal front.”

“The “Israelis” betted a lot on the American withdrawal from the nuclear agreement and tightening the sanctions on Iran. Today, all the readings conclude that this bet has failed,” the Resistance Leader stressed.

In parallel, he said: “Among all failed “Israeli” bets is betting on a US war on Iran.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further unveiled that ““Israel” has wagered on terrorist groups to confront Iran, but it also failed. “Israel” has betted even on Covid-19, but Iran will exit from this test stronger. The Islamic Republic has triumphed in the coronavirus test. The WHO has admitted that the health system in Iran is among the strongest in the world.”

Moving to Iraq, His Eminence mentioned that “What is happening in Iraq is a very big shift in favor of the axis of resistance. Preserving Iraq and its power comes in contradiction with the Zionist scheme, and “Israel” was one of the strongest inciters against Iraq.”

According to His Eminence, Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say: “It is the responsibility of the Iraqi brothers and sisters to set their country in its place in confronting the “Israeli” enemy.”

Regarding the Syrian front, Sayyed Nasrallah believed that “What happened in Syria is a major victory for the axis of resistance, given the fact that goals that the “Israelis” and Americans set in it have been failed. Syria thwarted the global war that was launched against it and brought down the American-“Israeli” scheme seeking to topple the Syrian state”

On Yemen, the Resistance Leader confirmed that “The war in Yemen is an American and “Israeli” one. The failure of the war on Yemen has had a major impact on the ‘deal of the century’. “Israel” supports the war on Yemen and is assisting it with technology.”

“Had Muhammad Bin Salman achieved the victory in Yemen, he would have turned his victory to impose the ‘deal of the century’ on the Palestinians,” he emphasized.

Moving to the Lebanese arena, Sayyed Nasrallah viewed that “Over the past year, we find that the “Israelis” have been betting more on internal developments in Lebanon than on their strength in the face of the resistance.”

““Israel” is cautious and worried about Lebanon and it fears going to war,” he said, pointing out that ““Israel” admits that it has failed to prevent the resistance force from growing in Lebanon.”

His Eminence declared that “Even the mutual deterrence is a victory for Lebanon,” warning that ““Israel” is now betting on the economic situation in Lebanon in order to turn the environment of resistance against it through sanctions. The “Israelis” are still betting on sanctions against Lebanon.”

According to him, “The American conditions do not end, whether with regard to the resistance’s arms or with regard to the demarcation of the maritime borders with the “Israeli” enemy’s entity.”

He also cautioned that “The countries that have surrendered are now suffering from hunger, and we can, through our capabilities and reason, not die of hunger and preserve our sovereignty.”

However, His Eminence assured that “We in Lebanon are strong, we are not between two options, and we are able, through our capabilities, to overcome the crisis.”

On the Palestinian developments, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that ““Israel” has wagered on inciting the people of Gaza on the resistance so that it would prevent the expansion of its capabilities, but it failed to do so. “Israel” is taking advantage of Trump’s remaining time in the White House because this constitutes a historic opportunity for it. “Israel” is benefiting from Trump’s presence so it’s stepping up its steps to get rid of the two-state solution and to move towards the establishment of a Jewish state.”

Meanwhile, the Resistance Leader condemned some Arab governments’ move towards the normalization with the Zionist entity.

In this context, he called “The Arab and Islamic peoples to prevent the move towards normalization with all their power. The normalization is a failure. It is a humiliating and forbidden path that must stop.”

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah announced that “The martyrdom of the great leader Qassem Soleimani was a blow and a loss to the axis of the Resistance. However, his blood will firmly support the axis of the resistance.”

However, he predicted that “The horizon before us calls for optimism, and what is required today is to enhance and expand each corner in the axis of the resistance.”

“Options for direct military wars by the Zionists and the Americans may be excluded. However, their priorities are sanctions,” His Eminence warned, recalling that “The rules of engagement established by the legendary steadfastness in the July War with the “Israeli” entity are still in place.”

In addition, Sayyed Nasrallah advised “Israel” not to bet that Hezbollah might be preoccupied with domestic situations. “We are going to a new international and regional scene, and new threats may arise. Experts are saying that the US has lost its leadership position in the world, and the coronavirus pandemic is an example.”

“Today where are Netanyahu, Trump and Mohammed bin Salman,” he questioned, pointing out that “Each of them has his own dilemma and this axis can be defeated.”

Reiterating the call to the Lebanese to be strict in fighting Coronavirus people, His Eminence urged all people in Lebanon to show further commitment and responsibility in the face of coronavirus.

“The high number of infections in Corona threatens the health system in Lebanon,” Sayyed Nasrallah cautioned.

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2 Responses

  1. I can consider Nasrallah my “Friend”: He speaks a) not antisemitically and b) not “for war”, but actually against offensive war, and “for mere resistance” –

    foremostly rightfully against netanyahu the maniac’s insane “plan”, to “annex the WESTBANK”. netanyahu is getting rightfully accused now by ISRAELI LAW AND COURT.

    … Mr. Nasrallah is a very good Person. He talks within Normalcy, revealing, that He is personally strong and nice.

    But it has some off-strikes: His “knowledge” is partially untrue, distorted. So did Israel not at all ever attack against Syria.

    But ISIS mainly attacked later on, against Assad —
    after simply, by the Free Syrian Army and the beforehand improvised Uprising, Syria’s People mutated partially into a resistance Force, rightfully, namely against Assad’s disregard, ignorance, concerning, regarding, massive abuse in prisons, and regarding the insane “shabiha” forces, that Assad employed – later, He threw chemical Canisters into his own Country, – it is “his stand” – or is he somewhat “abusive”, unneededly convinced of having to REMAIN in power –

    but where the other Chap, Nasrallah, IS correct, is: Israel’s and USA’s and most of the west’s governments are PARTIALLY severely conservative-bourgeois – which is no way, to rule, to structure, bad that mal-structures. It ain’t exactly capitalism, what I’m, what We’re here “ONLY” criticising, but also, yeah, BUT NOT ONLY: And THAT now IS interesting. Cuz, Nasrallah “is funny”, LOL, He IS Kirk Douglas when He was young, haha, and NOT Captain Nemo – but concerning surely his PAST, HE IS Nemo: Nemo lost, in the Verne not so unreal fiction, his own Family to TORTURERS of the west, simply. A scene in “20000 Leagues Below the Sea”, that reminds us all of “The Horseman” with, featuring, LnG, and the Winneur est: Monsieur Omar de Shareef ! 🙂


    Nasrallah merely praised – wrongly – the old ayatolla – which ayatolla, BY numbers, was AS evil AS lenin, – and not AS heile selassie. selassie murdered around a MILLON People. lenin murdered 20001 People. So, Nasrallah’s “information” and conviction is of “lower evil”, of less fanatic, less supremacist type, THAN much of usa’s post ww2 behavior simply was, which was horrible, simply.

    Nasrallah was BATTERED surely on and on, by israeli governmental incompetence, ignorance, and by maybe some arrogant western technology typical “fools”, big company bosses, in cases, also from Israel out, unduly LAUGHING about Nasrallah.

    But would Israel have respected the Lebanon, Hezbolla would never have adopted an “anti-israel-government” line.

    Nasrallah is merely goodly opposed against the entire huge corruption and wrong concept, which herzl and ben gurion and sharon and ehud barak and netanyahu, these anti-Rabin rightwing fanatics, laid down, by imperialism, which simply mostly is – extreme – exploitation –

    and needs to get “conditioned”, concepted correctly, ethically, and aptly, technically, such whatever capitalism.

    As the old communist Russia of until 1989 suffered from simply a LACK of education of its highest Leaders, but merely until before Chrustchev, it gets also clear, that a lack of knowledge of most People led to the “communism” in Russia dying out – as it, communism, DURING its rule, WAS often abused. But neither by the good, so good Chrustchev, NOR by the likewise mega good Gorbatchev, such great Men, simply.

    Trump must start recognising netanyahu as a troublemaker, which netanyahu simply is.

    Maybe thusly already, Netanyahu “had no backup anymore”, no backing, namely from usa; Which might be the very reason, why netanyahu was inside Israel even BRINGABLE before Court, actually. !

    Nasrallah spoke NOT ONE WORD of NEITHER antisemitism, NOR even of ANY HATREDFUL VIOLENCE.

    He merely spoke of resistive deterrence against – violent – agression; And ALSO, he CONCERETELY EVEN SPOKE AGAINST VIOLENCE: AND THIS merely within TRUE Wisdom, which DOES show Benevolence, and He also used many modern, intellectual Words in between. Like He speaks, with minor mistakes concerning who did what where, He still mainly TALKS TRUE.

    I like this Chap.

    The Israelis have to acknowledge, that the time of the bourgeoisie is SOFTLY over: I am like Alarich the Goth, Nasrallah, his Lordship, is that too: WE WALK PEACEFULLY “INTO ROME”, so to speak. YAY, SISTREN AN BREATHREN. 🙂

    The Israelis have to acknowledge, that in 2012, US private cool Commierats called me “wmp”. which can also spiritually mean, witch mage prime. hehe. hecate.


    SALAAM! Hezbolla, also most People at Hamas, are VERY humane.

    USA has to switch to Hutchison’s Cold Fusion and Antigravity, to clean Energy, for this Planet.

    Okay, american Soldia-San? Roger wilco. Now let’s get sum MOOS. 🙂


    shukran. Ahim. Brothers.

    • Sayyed Nasrallah said Palestine from River to Sea Belongs to Palestinians, as a 74 years old uprooted Palestinian, I advise you to leave before its too late. You are a settler living in an occupied land. My hebrew speaking brother Gillad Atzmon, once discovered in 1982 that he is living in an occupied land, he left and never visited the so-called Israel. He is welcome to one state Palestistine free from river to Sea.

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