Lebanon Denies Endorsing US’ Caesar Sanctions Act against Syria


June 1, 2020

Grand Serail Lebanon

Lebanese premiership denied on Monday that the government has approved US’ Caesar Act legislation which targets Syria.

“Some media reported that the Caesar Act on US sanctions has been distributed during the last Cabinet session and that the government has adopted the said Act,” the press office of Lebanon’s premiership said in a statement carried by National News Agency (NNA).

“The truth is that the government intends to study the impact of this Act on Lebanon and the margins that the government could work within while avoiding negative repercussions against the country,” the office added.

“No commitment, discussion or endorsement of this Act took place during the Cabinet session,” the office clarified.

The US legislation sanctions the Syrian government, including President Bashar al-Assad, for alleged “war crimes against the Syrian population”.

The act imposes fresh sanctions on entities conducting business with the Syrian government and its military and intelligence agencies.

Source: Al-Manar English Website and NNA

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